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Quote: Originally Posted by Potty Diva If she doesn't get what she wants IMMEDIATELY, she throws a fit. My six year old is JUST like that!! It seems to be getting better, but we have been disciplining like crazy i think its just a phase, hope it gets better for you.
Those words were just spoken to me by my four year old, i was taking the last box from the nursey where we were going to but our baby, is was blankets and stuff, and my four year old comes up to me and smiles and says " Jesus is taking care of your baby. He's happy up there." My life might be in shambles right now but i LOVE my girls, they will ALWAYS be there.
I'm not sure if this is the right thread, sorry if its not but i have a big problem now that has been dumped on the 2947 other things going on in my life, my brother passed away almost a month ago, this has been really tough for me, i just had a miscarriage and have been feeling guilty about that (but thats another thread) so he has two kids, a son who is 17 and a daughter who is 14 there mother died when they were very small and since my brothers death, they have been...
So glad i found this thread! My oldest two DDs are biracial (white and Black) and one time about a year ago i was at a store with all my girls and this old lady came up and commented on my two younger DD's who are white, and then she started to rave about my 'friends kids' i just told her that are my kids also, and she said sorry but trust me i have had worse expericences. My dh, who considers our oldest DDs as his own, (they are from a previous relationship) gets it...
Haha I'm about to have six kids and i dread trips to stores too! Too funny
My younger girls call me mommy, or mama the older two call me mother when they are in a bad mood but mostly its mommy.
Thanks for all the advice! I think I'll be making trips to the grocery store once a month and have Dh pick up milk and stuff like that once a week when he comes home from work.
I have been there, my oldest two are 11 months apart and my middle two are 13 months apart and now i'm going to have two that are about 16 months apart. i think you have to learn what works for you, its all about multi tasking and it will get easier.
Today my DD who is 7 has been horrible. She's been having hissy fits and whining all day. She is usually perky and upbeat so i figure she's just having one of those days until tonight when she refuses to eat dinner and DH tells her to go to her room, she isnt allowed to eat dinner with the rest of the family if she is crying and carrying on. She was shocked that she was sent to her room (We've never done that before since she is so good most of the time) she burst into...
My DH thought all of our kids were boys and they are all girls, many people have told me now on this pregancy that i'm having another girl since i already have five but i'm leaning towards a boy, and all my other babies i KNEW i was having girls!
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