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This is an older book, but I really like Rahima Baldwin's  "You are your child's first teacher."  Also, one simple toy you can make is tree blocks. If you have access to a tree branch, you can saw it up and sand the cut edges smooth. The bark is left on.  I did not buy play silks, but instead went to the fabric store and got several one yard pieces of colored cotton gauze.  They were easy to wash and played with for many years.  Another book I used for ideas was " The...
Ikea has some small racks for indoor drying and also a gadget that looks like an octopus-   http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80189663     this is great for hanging socks, undies and other small pieces.  I visited a Mennonite lady once and saw her clothesline.  It was a piece of chain link strung up on the porch.  She would hang clothes on hangers and then in the links- it kept the things separate and reduced wrinkling. 
I agree, unless your DH is the kind of guy who enjoys talking things out amongst others, I'd skip the class. The book will tell you what you need to do.  One complaint I have heard about the course is that there will be people there of many different income levels. So some may find goals easy to meet and others may struggle to have anything left over after paying the basics.
Just for reference, you might check with your county extension service to see if they check the gauges on older pressure canners.  Ours does, free of charge.  
I've tried the yogurt  that is made from coconut milk- it was a nice treat, but very expensive. I have made yogurt from cow's milk in the past, but can you substitute other kinds of milk when making yogurt at home?  Any tips?
I would call them and ask about the packaging.  In reading their lit, it states that mattresses that are returned are "recycled" , not resold.  I was looking at the mattress you purchased, but have not yet bought one.  My concern was that sleeping on the latex might be hot- we live in a warm climate and I have heard people say that about latex mattresses.  My other concern was that if I bought the top of the line latex mattress at Ikea and didn't like it after sleeping...
I know someone who used to work at a major mall retailer that sold that stuff like crazy- especially during the swine flu scare.  If that's where your products are from , they will take them back( even if they've been opened) and let you pick another item.  Whether or not you find another item you personally can use is another matter. 
     Mommaof3, yes, I do have teens .   I am speaking from my own experiences, not theory.  However, what I was trying to say, is that how expensive it can be to raise a child can be dependant on choices that a family makes .  I just don't like when experts ( such as those in magazines) tell parents that it costs "x" to raise a child to age 18. To me those articles always seemed designed to scare people with ordinary incomes from having children at all.  If you can't...
I think you need to remember that every child is different and every parent has different priorities for their children.  Not everyone will be involved in sports, music, or clubs that require a cash outlay.  Not every child will require braces ( though your dentist might tell you otherwise) or glasses.  Each family needs to decide what activities are important to their child and their family and choose accordingly.  Some families might decide that one outside activity...
We haven't yet put up a tree, but clue me in as to whether this is going to be disasterous.  I know no tinsel.  We usually get a real tree, but do most cats climb the tree, try to pull it down, etc.?  Cat is about a year and a half old. 
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