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Invest in a baby sized baby doll :LOL :LOL By the end of my pregnancy I was trying stuff on my dd's "babies" :LOL
If you have a front loader that has a "hand wash" cycle then "most" wool covers should be machine washable. I tossed my hand knit soakers in there on hand wash and they came out beautiful, not the least bit felted
Is it the fit or the feel of the jersey that you're looking for?
Lora is in a VK NB fitted with a Tykie PUL cover...about to be changed into a Lavender hand stamped Luxe pocket fitted and MM soaker
Whirlpool makes Kenmore I have LGs and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They're not 10 feet from the family room, with no door on the laundry room and I can have both machines running and NOT have to turn the tv up to hear it, they're THAT quiet Not to mention they're sooo pretty :LOL :LOL
Yes you do :LOL I can't wait to have some time to actually make my dd some stuff :LOL :LOL
Ok, here's a few Sun Diaper Butterfly Diaper Giraffe Diaper
Little Miss Lora has one identical to it :LOL
I would but I"m pretty sure that would break the rules since they're on my mom's site :LOL
Wool pants here too, either knit or recycled sweaters
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