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 Welcome, Leslie!  Nice to have you join us!
  Is he on antidepressants?  This must be really hard on you.  
Maia- Hugs.  Let me know when you want to get together.     Wolfcat- Can't wait to read it!
I don't make a list seeing as there isn't anyone to buy me a gift, but I'll dream:   Water based oil paints A few larger canvases  Sturdy floor easel    Hmm, that's already over $100.  LOL.
I was horribly shy as a child.  I wish there were social skills groups back them because I seriously needed it.  Nowadays, social skills groups are pretty common.  They work in small groups (maybe 5 kids at most).  They gently work on improving self esteem, speaking up, and just having fun.  It would be great if there's something like that offered near you.  If there isn't, maybe you could ask her if she'd be ok with you starting a group for her.  Ask her to invite 2 of...
I would get a full evaluation by a neuropsychologist.  Since diagnostic titles have changed, the neuropsych will not use Aspergers or PDD-NOS, etc.  It all falls under under Autism Spectrum and then they give a sub number for describing the intensity of the disorder.  Having an official diagnosis can absolutely help him get services (up to age 22 if he's on the autism spectrum.)
It sounds as if he's sensory seeking. I wonder if it would help him to wear a weighted vest.  I have to remind my son about 'bubble space'.  When he starts consistently needing physical contact, I have him use a sensory strategy.  Right now, his favorite strategy is having his huge stuffed dog on top of him (got the dog at costco).  Sometimes, I need to give him a firm, extended hug to give him the pressure he seeks.  
My son was into Disney when he was young. Now he hates it.  He does like movies where the girl is portrayed as being strong and kind.  He realized at a young age how absurd it was that disney princesses were depicted as needing to be saved by a man, etc.
Thanks for all the replies.  
New Posts  All Forums: