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 Because I'm curious.  
Yep, I did say that I already looked at the charts.  I want to hear from other real life moms to get an idea of average height and weights.  
I'm curious to get an idea of typical weight/height for an 11 yr old boy.  My son used to be tall for his age but he seems much shorter than most boys his age now.     Please share!  (By the way, I have looked at the weight for stature charts but I'm interested in hearing from real people.)
There are two teachers in each of my son's academic classrooms.  Last year, my son made origami gifts for the main teachers and a couple of the aides (and one for the principal and nurse.) He may want to make something this year but only one staff member sent a thank you so I don't think they appreciated his gift (even though the gifts were actually really nice.)     I'm not sure what we are going to do this year.  We may go with jewelry tags for the lead teachers....
I am so not ready for the holiday season.  We are supposed to go to my brother's for Thanksgiving but I've changed my mind.  Honestly, I hate the idea of driving out of state on holidays.   Not only that, my little dude is highly allergic to cats.  Yep, my brother has one.  So I'm thinking a nice, cozy, lazy day is in order.  (I won't even go into the whole family dynamic thing).  
 Huge Congratulations and hugs to you!  Hope you are both doing well.  How wonderful that you'll have a sweet baby in the house for Christmas/Solstice!
Ooh, that's a tricky situation.  I love the idea of still having that magic of believing in Santa.  However, you are probably right that this year will be the year that someone at school spills the beans.  I wonder if there's a movie that can gently make her question it.   My son realized that Santa wasn't real when he was looking at old pics from Christmas years ago.  I had given him an easel and wrote on it "From Santa".  He noticed that it was my handwriting!  heh heh.
That sounds like a difficult thing to go through.  I went through a smaller, more mild version of that when my son was in public school.  One mom invited me over and I thought we had a nice time. She ended up blabbing to all the popular moms that I was single and not wealthy.  Well, that was it.  Hardly anyone spoke to me or even looked at me after that.  I was pretty shocked.  At first, it really bothered me.  Then, I decided "Screw them!"    My town is very snobby and it...
 Party at your house! Woot!  ;)
Hugs.  I feel that way at times.  Especially when I'm around the very wealthy people in my town.  I have to keep reminding myself that how much I make isn't a reflection of who I am as a person.  
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