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November thread is up: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1392421/november-pagan-family-circle
Hi to all you earth based spirituality/pagan moms.     Share what you have going on this month.
To get into Children's Hospital for a Neuropsych evaluation, I'd talk to your son's pediatrician.  The pediatrician can put in a referral and the pediatrician's office can contact Children's for you.
Wishing you all a Blessed Samhain.    Can't believe it may actually rain this evening. Oh well.  If it does, the mall is doing trick or treating.   What are your kids (and/or you) dressing up as this year?
I didn't keep my banned title.  I think I had changed it after a couple of weeks.    Good times.
 My son doesn't want to go to that public event either.  Why don't we get our boys together?  I know I'm not exactly close to you but it would be cool to finally meet!  My son is just about 11 yrs old but all of his friends are either in middle or high school.  :)
Sounds so good!  I love olives!  How long did you let it cook? And at what setting?
My son goes to the dental clinic at Children's Hospital Boston. Traffic and parking are yucky but they deal with kids who have a dental phobia and/or who have special needs. The dentist that we had has recently left so my son will be seeing someone new in the same office next month.   Also, Dr Prindiville at Wellesley Family Dentist is good.  Gentle and soft spoken. 
I started at 13 and have just started getting hot flashes at 46.  I had a hysterectomy almost 2 years ago but kept my ovaries. I don't know when my mom started but I think she went into menopause at 50.  No idea about my grandma.  Think I'll chat with my mom about this tomorrow.  Good topic!
Oh mama, that's a lot to take in.  I hope things work out well and quickly.  Hope you get some wonderful news soon. 
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