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I was here under a different name since 2004.
If I could, I would definitely buy renter's insurance. Especially if you have good electronics, furniture, and/or jewelry.
If I could do it over again, I would have chosen a rocking power recliner.  Yeah, I like comfort.    Plain wood rockers are way too uncomfy with a baby. Gliders are ok but the arms are usually too high to be fully comfortable.  Completely upholstered rockers are nice.  But a rocking recliner is heaven, in my opinion.  Sit in it, nurse in it, sleep in it.  Ahhh...wonderful.  Great, now I want to upgrade my non rocking recliner.
 Ooh, I need to go through my long forgotten bottom cupboards to see if I still have a crock pot.  I think it would be a good idea for me to start using one.  I also can't wait to start baking!
It's going well!  Once people see it in person, they are hooked.    Of course, I think I'll probably end up being my best customer.  hahah.   I'm loving early autumn. But, the cooler weather makes me so sleepy.  I don't get it.  I think it must be because I find this season so comforting.
 Hi friend!!  LOL at pear butter.  It does sound yummy.  I don't have any plans for the equinox but that's nothing new.  Would love to start getting together with other pagans again.  It's been years.
  My new business is in my sig line.  ;)  About my son: I feel we don't have definite answers. Hate not knowing for sure.
Hi mama's!  I just realized why I keep forgetting to check in here.  The bookmark on my computer is missing!  Guess I need to fix that.     Hope you all are doing well.  We are entering autumn and with that, I feel excitement and anxiety.  I love autumn but I can't stand what follows!  LOL.   Since I haven't checked in here with any detail, I figured I'd let you know what's been happening.  My son has been going to a Neurologist for epilepsy testing.  We are pretty...
 Prayers said.  Many hugs, mama. Keep us posted.
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