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  Fantastic news!!!  Woohoo!
  I was vegetarian when I got pregnant.  But I quickly started craving red meat.  Stopped being a vegetarian. LOL
  Yes, there were lifeguards. He wandered off to the end of the beach (very tiny beach, though).  The boy's father is the one who took him to the beach. It seems that the father wasn't paying attention.  I think the boy was on the spectrum but I'm not positive (I only think it because his parents have suggested donations to a therapeutic horseback riding farm in lieu of flowers.) I saw pics of the boy.  He looks a lot like my son.  It's freaky.   Oh, I got the a/c....
We've had a very hot start to June. It's so bad that I handed a piece of paper to my son's father with info about an air conditioner that I found at Lowes.  I didn't ask him, I just handed him the paper. LOL.  Don't know if they'll actually have it in stock or if he can even lift it himself (it's a 10k btu) but we'll see.   I've been super emotional lately. Been bombarded with not good stuff.  And then yesterday, a 10 yr old boy drowned in our town's pond beach.  I...
      I am SO excited!  Hope the move goes smoothly and that you get settled quickly.  Let me know if you'd like any help, company, etc.  :)
I give away/donate the clothes and toys that my son has outgrown. I also donate household items and old cellphones to other single moms.   I shared this contest on fb.
My replies are bolded.  
   Neuropsychologists recommend a full evaluation to be done every 2 to 3 yrs.   You can get MAHealth for you if fall in their income guidelines.  Even if you are a little over their limit, you can buy into Neighborhood Health (which supposedly isn't a lot of money.)
   If it's not a good fit, you can request and out-of-district placement.  I can chat with you about the whole process.  Once you get MAHealth, you'll be able to get your ds a full evaluation by a neuropsych at Children's Hospital Boston (or Waltham).  A local, recent neuropsych eval can make the difference when it comes to your son getting the education that he needs.
New Posts  All Forums: