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Boo!  We are having an odd Spring. Chilly, hot, sunny, rainy, cloudy.  Ya never know what the weather is going to do.  Hard to get into Spring when it either feels like autumn, winter, or summer!
We did funny glasses and mustaches.  The boys (and girl) thought it was hilarious. 
I went to England with a friend of mine (after I had just come back from the UK from a 3 week trip).  My friend and I laughed so much... he cracked me up.  Going to the Globe Theatre and having one of the actors include me in a scene was crazy fun...Especially when Gary Oldham smiled at me. (He was in the audience.)   Months later, I moved to England on a whim. Sold pretty much everything and ran.  LOL.  
My son has an IgA and IgG deficiency.  He's had feeding/eating from the start.  He has food allergies.  He's on the autism spectrum (Aspergers). Depending on how low your daughter's levels are, she may be treated with immunotherapy.  The Immunologist should be able to answer most of your questions.  I know it's difficult waiting for an appointment.     When you go to your appointment, make sure to ask the Immunologist how often he/she will be seeing your daughter....
Sounds like some good reading.
Hugs to everyone.   I have one thing to say.  I hate winter.
We have flowers coming up...and there's a dusting of snow.  62 degrees one day, 22 the next.  Nature is getting confused.
Sorry to those still sick.  This has been a nasty season for illness around the world so far (according to the news.) I'm feeling better (occasional cough/nose blowing.)  My son recovered way faster than I did, which is a HUGE surprise since he's the one with an immune deficiency!   I've been having trouble focusing on things. (mind, not eyesight)   Hey, I just realized something.  It's 9am and I think my son is still sleeping!  I heard some noise from his room...
  Cold/cough is still lingering.  I'm super tired this morning.  Not sure what's up with that.   Such a busy week ahead. 
January thread is up: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1371266/january-pagan-thread
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