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I want to find a school that will be wonderful for my son and I want our current school district to say "OK, great choice! Sure we'll send him there!" I want my hair cut and colored (it's been about 7 or 8 months.) I want a year membership to our local Massage Envy. (Haven't had a massage in 9 yrs. rheumatologist recommended it for my arthritis.) I want a Vitamix Pro 300. I want nice clothes that fit. I want Finn Comfort shoes (recommended for flat feet, plantar...
My son takes a weekly homeschoolers Italian class.  Plus, he gets together with friends 1-3 times a week.  It's not enough for him, though.  He really wants more friends. He's an only child so it gets pretty lonely for him at home. We recently found out that our school district has finally agreed to send my son out of district.  This means he'll be able to attend a specialized school. Not sure when he'll start, though.  It could be this winter or it may not be until...
I'm here but completely forgot to see if there was a December thread.   Maiasaura- I hope they buy your house!
Oh dear. My table is a huge mess.   Portfolio with info on private/special education schools. Phone Water bottle Cd's that I'm selling Cursive Writing workbook Kid scissors Smash tabs Homeschool lesson plan Gas bill Paper Post its Pen
  That would be the Best Present Ever!  
I'm not sure if she does HB, but I recommend checking with Dr. Licia Raymond.  She's a midwife at Harvard Vanguard Wellesley.
I think I may have a new one this year.  Window candles.  So cozy!
Barrington has a good school system (says my friend who lives there.)  However, she doesn't like that the town is snooty.
Subbing to get ideas.   Someone mentioned a comic book so I'm definitely going to do that for ds!
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