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Harvard Vanguard Wellesley is offering prenatal yoga. Also: Laughing Dog Yoga (Wellesley). Newton Wellesley Hospital- Wellness Center.
My mom stayed at home until I was 5 and then she got a job.
Quote: Originally Posted by southernmommie Mind if I ask you ladies something? Can you send out some birthing vibes?? Wishing you the best!
This is my favorite show on tv. I can't get enough of it!
I love, love, love reading. I usually have at least two books going on at the same time.
I'll have to think of something to make me feel pampered. Can't do thrift stores/second hand clothing due to major allergies. Unless I know that it's coming from a pet free/smoke free home and hasn't been stored in the attic or basement, I have to stay away from it. Plus, the rare times that I do get desperate and check out a second hand clothing store, I can't find anything in my size. Frustrating! But I should at least start wearing makeup. And get my hair colored...
I'm happy to say that it hasn't been lower than 68 in here the past couple of days. Tomorrow will be 70 and sunny so I'll be letting in that wonderful sunshine!
The HH threads always get me into the holiday spirit.
Ds is home sick today. Both of us have upset tummies. Bleh.
I homeschooled last year and may end up having to do it again this year (due to my son's health.)
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