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My DD 1 shows the same kind of behaviour, she is diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (I don't take the diagnosis too serious though)    I find that I can control her best with a zero tolerance policy. Mostly she is sorry herself, afterwards, but while she is purposefully hurting one of her siblings, or annoying them, she appears to be quite happy and not in an angry mode or anything, just kind of enjoying herself while driving her siblings (mostly her five year...
How do you do this? Do you use some kind of program? And what do you mean by "pay him for chores" - do you pay actual money or points, and how exactly?  Sounds like a really good approach! @Letitia:  Did this work well? I mean, it sounds like a bit of a waiting period in between, did she only get this one toy and only at the end of the year, or did you have little "prices" in between? @Cassie:  Thank you, that sounds like a good routine, any tips on staying on them?
Hi,    my ERGO Babycarrier has some hems that are open, they are right above the hip part, on the actual panel, on the very sides (both sides).    So, I THINK they don't really matter stabilitywise, but obviously I am no expert. I called the company, but they say any holes and it's not safe to use anymore. (but I guess that's more for insurancy reasons)   Would you just sew them up, or do you think there is a safety issue here? 
Thank you for the suggestions, we do have a crockpot, and I plan to use it as well.    The lentils sound nice. 
We just had a figtht again. He just does not get it. We do have some help (my mom went home again couple of weeks ago) - and it's paid for by the health insurance, but they don't pay when he is off work (since if he is at home obviously he can look after everything) - problem is : he cannot.    I asked him to vacuum like one trillion times already, and the bathroom REALLY needs to be cleaned, plus the kids look as if someone dumped them in a mud hole, they really, really...
My DD is like this, diagnosed with ADHD - but mostly oppositional. And than we fight, and than she is sooo sad and hates herself.    I tried the "Transforming the difficult child" program, and it does make a difference.    I try to see it as a lawyer or politician in the making ;) She can argue you out of anything!    But, do post in the Special needs forum, I guess there are more people with similar problems around ...
I loooove honey roasted nuts or spiced nuts, but they are difficult to find plus organic they're really expensive, non-organic: don't know about gmo nuts...or whatever they do to them to make them last longer (radiation anybody?) - so THANK YOU for that idea!
Hi everybody,    I am planning to precook some stuff for the postpartum time, but due to my early contractions and the symphysis problems am not able to stand around a lot, so I am looking for recipes that can be kind of thrown together and than cooked.    Preparing while sitting (like cutting and stuff) is no problem.    Any ideas?    Thank you :)
Plus: My DS (second baby) was really hard to push out, but that was due to position, he was just 3100 g, so not overly large :) but had a "star gazer" position. 
Honestly, nobody can say without an ultrasound. (and even with ultrasound, it's difficult at that stage)    You could have developed polyhydramnion, or just more water around the baby, together with a normal growth spurt, or the baby grew. Or ... you know?    I would say, do whatever you need to do to not be worried. If you feel you want to know the size of the baby, go for an ultrasound. If it only freaks you out, don't :)   And for the record, I worked in...
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