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Hi, I am getting real big now (too early, but anyqay) and am looking for maternity stuff that I can make by  myself.   What do you all wear? Do you know tutorials for cloth changing? I cannot stand tight stuff on my belly, therefor it needs to be under the belly things, or real comfortable...   Any suggestions?
Hi everybody! I am planning to knit a dress for my DD to felt it afterwards, did anyone try this before? I am not sure how I need to choose the size since I never "knitted to felt" before (maybe I should try with a simple project before?)   Or would it be easier to felt directly? Like wetfelting - again, how would I choose the size?   Every suggestion is welcome! Maybe someone knows a tutorial?   Hugs, Trin
I am kind of relieved that others feel that way, too. My bellybutton is shallow, too!  Someone told me yesterday that in subsequent pregnancies, it starts early, but doesn´t go beyond the normal size, we (hopefully) just get there earlier!  Hope for me. And, as long nothing is wrong, I can live with it!    Love, Trin
Hi everybody! I am really wondering if it is normal to feel the way I do , I did not for sure in my last pregnancies! (at least not that early)!    I feel like a pregnant whale, my belly feels tense (but it´s not if I touch it) and really, really heavy. It feels quite uncomfortable. The belly is huge, I look like 20 weeks or something (14 +1).  It´s just one babe, and last week I had a fine scan showing everything perfectly fine.    Does anybody else feel...
HI thanks for your replies,    yeah, I plant. I am not the best planning person, though. So ... the salad is far from ready and the tomatoes need more time, naturally. I guess I just skip the raw stuff and get some warm salad recipes ....   I will miss the fruit, though ...
Hi,  I live in germany and am 13 weeks pregnant. Now, we have this bug going around, I don´t know if you guys heard about it yet, it causes bloody diarrhea and can end in renal failure and even death. There are a couple of hundreds cases now, it is thought that the cause is food poisoning and that the cause is in north germany (far away from us) - but they are not sure.  The experts warn to eat anything raw basically. It needs to be heated to 70°C for 10 min. so,...
We had hiccups that made me crazy, I did not realize that the babe had hiccups until she had them after birth and I was like : okay, it weren´t seizures after all :)
Hi, I´d like to join, too, my EDD is 12/09, it´s the third Baby and we are planning a homebirth/or hospital without doctor birth. DD is nearly 5, DS nearly 3 and I will be 37.
Did you ever think about a sling? I loved slings for the slightly older ones, you can easily use them on the hips, and when the babe gets tired, you just change to a front wear, and it can sleep. If you have to get the pasta off the stove, you push them on the back (I did that only shortly though - did not find it too comfortable) I had a didysling, and I think they are really brilliant and really worth it. So versatile!
Thanks everybody, maurine; I so agree with you! I am actually thinking about just not having an ultrasound again!   Jaimee, he is a quite nice guy, but a man. And he is quite good at his job, he has not a lot of empathy, but, he is a man :) The problem is, that he sees me more as a collague than a pregnant woman. the primary care wíll be done by a midwife anyway. He is just supposed to do the ultrasounds (and not to many of them!)
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