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Any reccomendations... I'd like to think of myself as an advanced beginner or intermeadiate knitter. Cables are no problem. Lace some times is because of my lack of time to focus and count... I wonder why that is with 4 mancubs!! I jsut bought my first skein of sock yarn (http://www.soysilk.com/tofutsies.html) and I got some might small needles... all I need is a pattern! Spam away, my knitting fiends.... errr, I mean friends!
Quote: Originally Posted by kerikadi If I were you I would simply say my OB delivers at ______ Hospital. I mean, you were seeing an OB/GYN and he or she does deliver at a certain hospital so you're not really lying. You don't have to say you are going to deliver there just that your doc does. Keri That is exactly what I did for my first homebirth... I simply said, "Oh, my MW has privledges at XYZ hospital". And no one wanted to know...
Quote: Originally Posted by MissLotus It's funny because even before I was married, I was always joined at the hip with some boyfriend...and now that seems really sad to me, to depend on someone else so much for companionship, for everything. It's great to feel independent! I could have written that myself. I never knew me without me + a SO... Soooo, hence the journey starts to find me. Quote: Originally Posted by...
I'm making mine out of Cherry Tree Hill's Merino Lace, held doubled in the River Run colorway. Only need one skein. $28, I think, from their website. I bought mine of the TP for less.
Whoo-oooo, whoo-ooo. Now that I can't get that song out of my head I was wondering if any of you, once out of your relationship w/ your X, struggled to know who you were... For so long I have been the mancubs mother or the x's wife... I was with him for almost half of my life thus far... I sometimes wonder who the heck I am?! : Tell me I am not the only one. Tell me how you found yourself. The real you.
The petal bib is from One Skein.
I think the petal bib is from One Skein... I'll go check.
I think I that sweater. It's awesome, Fern!
It doesn't specify, but I think that you would be okay knitting it flat for the gauge swatch.
Quote: Originally Posted by estirbunny I am no math wiz thats for sure. And even though I've done sweaters, etc. before I've just been doing hit or miss without ever doing a guage swatch and ending up close. Well this time I'm going to do a dress for DD and have a different yarn than called for (usually I use exactly whats called for so I think thats why I get so close/lucky.) So I'm trying to do a guage swatch. I guess I don't entirely understand how...
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