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Great minds think alike. I just noticed my younger 2 are the same age as your two kiddies. (Mine are 12/4/02 and 5/30/05) Are your two going to having matching sweater pants like my two? Mine are... it's great when they are too young to protest how I want to dress them.
There is a clappy group that is fabulous with this kind of questions. Check them out over here.
Great idea... Hmmm I wonder if I could adapt this to work on a recycled sweater that I made into 2 pair of pants for the younger mancubs which still need the waistbands finished?
Quote: Originally Posted by TigerTail More bamboo! Here here!! I got SWTC's Bamboo yarn this summer and I am in love. So much in love I cannot bring myself to knit it into anything for fear I will give it away as a present. It's mine! ALL MINE! That is all.
DH and I are still legally married. We lived together in the same house until September 10, 2006. He worked. I stayed home with the 4 kids, with no income of my own. As per our old accountant, we should file jointly and then split the return ourselves. DH suggested 50/50 split which I flat out rejected. He is currently working, supporting only himself. He has not sent regular CS since the separation. Nothing since Thanksgiving. DH needs our youngest's SS# to file,...
I need to hear from mamas who have successfully nightweaned their babes while being a single parent. Mancub #4 is nearing his 2nd birthday. Still wakes to nurse throughout the night at least 3-5 times per night. I love co sleeping with him (and most times his older brother too ) but I need to get him to a point where he can sleep on his own at night so I can WOH. I've never faced this situation before. I have been a SAHM since my eldest born but now being a single...
The answer to all our skein questions. And to hear it pronounced - here. I was wrong. Sorry Ma
Quote: Originally Posted by emelsea Warm Heart Woolies free patterns (this one is a wrap style, in case you really had your heart set on doing a wrap) http://warmheartwoolies.com/store/WsAncillary.asp?ID=8 I started this one today... soooooo simple. I casted on probably 2 hours ago and am already 1/2 way through. It'll be on hold until naptime tomorrow but I think the hardest part will be sewing on the aplix. Go ahead and give it a try.
A clapotis? Never mind... I didn't read the OP's full post and I forgot how much yarn a clappy uses, on small needles. What a goof I am. Whoops!
I say skeen. My mom says skain. Who's right?
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