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I don't think it was too harsh at all. I had a parent choose their SO over me. My dad let her treat me and my sister like crap. I haven't spoken to him in 7 years and only then because he heard gossip that I had nearly died giving birth to my first child. He has never met my second child. Nothing angers me more than a parent putting someone else's wants above thier child's and that is just what this is. His requests are not reasonable and are at the expense of the...
I really hope your son has at least one adult in his life that will put him first and advocate for him because it does not seem like you are willing to do that. You let his man threaten you with taking your daughter so you give him what he wants at the expense of your son's self-esteem. I can tell you from personal experience that he will remember this and you may lose him over it.
I really think you both need to be in joint family counseling. If only to get documented proof of the things he is saying. Telling you that you can't be with anyone else unless you keep it a secret is extremely controlling. He sounds like someone who would set it up so that he has full custody and has all the power. I really think the courts need to be involved in the visitation with him for a while. They need to witness this. You are the only advocate for your...
My books all look unread. I am so carefull with all of them. I cannot imagine writing in them or dogearing the pages. I never lay them flat. I always have a bookmark ready as soon as I sit down to read. When I am done, they go back on my bookshelf. I have over 500 books and only a handful have any wear. It is one thing I am anal about.
I wouldn't take mine unless it was a close family member. That is me. I know how I grieve and I don't want to have to worry about taking care of the children when I want to be saying good-bye. My opinion on this is it is one of those instances where you need to talk to the family members and what they say trumps anything you want to do. If you want to bring them, but they say no, you don't bring them. If they say it is fine, bring them. I don't think it is ok to...
jane green
Formula is not a failure. Many children have been fed formula and they are happy, healthy, intelligent children. That is not failure.
I have a question. Why was there a nurse in for not being able to bf in a dressing room. The one near us only has two dressing rooms and you are lucky if you can catch one open. It doesn't seem right to use a store with limited dressing room to bf when customers are going to using them for their intended use.
"I'm sorry,honey. I know that you are shaking from the pain and in agony. I know you have been in labor for twenty hours and are only 6 cm, but we can't afford an extra 1000.00." How is that not classist?
Quote: However, I refuse to buy things at businesses that do not accept credit cards. There's a local (popular) burger joint here called Arctic Roadrunner that takes cash only. I swear they're probably the only business in town that accepts cash only. I never carry cash with me and credit cards have become so mainstream and convenient, I refuse to inconvenience myself by running to the bank to get cash for lunch just because they want to save a buck or two on...
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