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Yup.  I graduated with $15,000 in student loans with a BA in Anthropology, four months before my first was born and I became a SAHM.  I would most definitely have to go to grad school to really work in my field... but my education has absolutely defined the mother I have become, and that's priceless.  It definitely gave me more confidence than I would have had otherwise.  I can say it helped me to land my current job which is not at all glam, but allows me to stay at home...
I stepped on a nail that almost went through my entire foot... a dirty rusty old nail... on my grandma's farm.  I did get a tetanus booster for THAT.  However, I probably wouldn't worry so much about a household object like a key chain.   
Mine was about CIO... I related a story about my SIL who wouldn't stop the car to comfort her DS and he was so upset he seized... that's about right.  She still hasn't changed.
You MUST pressure can stock for it to be shelf stable.  A water bath canner does not reach high enough temps for it to be safe.  You can always freeze it.  
We are going camping this weekend and I've given myself a budget of $40... including any canyon entrance fees, food, gas, treat, etc.  I will be able to use a lot of food from home and obviously I can use a bit of my grocery budget, but it's tricky! I plan on making some cookies and trail mix from home.  We actually have lots of fruits and veggies sitting around that need to be eaten up, so I'll take those as well.  It's just so hard to avoid vacation mentality and go to...
As always, I am optimistic for this month!   BS 1: $650 of $1000 if we stay on budget, this should be taken care of somewhere mid-late month   BS 2: $7800 - My student loans, just making minimums at this point          $7700 - My car payment, just making minimum at this point          $19,000 - DH's student loans, in deferrment, not even thinking about them at this point   BS 3: 3 months BS 4: like, 3% lo! BS 5: no movement here BS 6: we rent! BS...
Unfortunately we are not making much movement.  We aren't going backwards, though... so there's that.  I just sent in receipts to be reimbursed for about $500 worth of medical expenses from our FLEX account, and that will go into savings... we've had a gazillion places to drive and just a really, really busy month which has meant more eating out than we should.  DH's sister got married, it was my MIL's b-day and mothers day as well, so there were gifts to be purchased as...
There is a response to this article posted on my local news site.  the comments are pretty discouraging.  man, people can really get rabid about this stuff! 
Yes, I would.  i saved DS's training pants for DD. So long as they aren't stained and grody and especially between siblings, i think it's just fine.  
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