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I have followed all the directions and am eager to win! I love Oak Meadow!
My homeschooling tip: when working with my older child, I get out a basket for the younger ones that they only get to play with during school time.
Looks like a nice blog! I'd like to see a post about juggling homeschooling an older kid while caring for multiple younger ones- incorporating them in to the homeschool routine.
I love all these tips! I'd say the 'cleaning for 10 mins at a time' is the most inspiring one for today. Can do!
Why homeschool? Because I want to continue exploring the world with my children, in every way. 
Just hover your mouse over the username of the person whom you wish to PM- a menu appears and then you can select 'send PM.' :)
I also 'like' Mothering and Oak Meadow on fb. Thanks for the chance to win!
Took the evaluation for my almost 5-yr-old, and he has aspects in each of these categories. Perhaps the most were in the logical-mathematical.  Interesting! 
I don't know about Illinois laws, but here's a wonderful midwifery/home birth service based in Tower Grove area of St. Louis.    http://www.rivercitybirth.com/
I would also be very interested if someone has articles about extended breastfeeding. My DH keeps saying it's going to mess up our 3 year old to let him keep nursing when he wants...
New Posts  All Forums: