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If I'm not alone in the house, and if the solicitor is a girl or a slight boy, I offer to drive them to the bus station and pay for a ticket home to their parents. I do this for political groups too. A lot of those kids are brainwashed and they can't get home. If I am alone in the house, or if it's a big dude, I won't answer the door.
Quote: Originally Posted by CatsCradle Like GuildJen said, the fashion industry caters to extreme youth. And that's why they're doing so poorly and can't recover. The industry as a whole made a giant pile of pisspoor decisions over the last three decades all focused on making big profits fast by kicking mature women to the curb in favor of selling crap to foolish consumers with money to burn - teenagers and young 20-somethings. Well guess...
If you call, I hope you're ready for trouble, because that sounds like a big scary family that will suddenly start screeching about how much they love their little girl once CPS gets involved. I would, partially for my own safety, talk with the grandmother first. It would be better if she started the process to have her daughter's parental rights extinguished. There may be other relatives who can take the little girl in.
Quote: Originally Posted by sisteeesmama I guess to me they are not more convenient. OK, to you, a person who clearly doesn't have a bad back, plantar fascitis, or live in a city where strollers are banned from public transport. I broke my foot when my baby was 4 months old. What was I supposed to do? Sling her while wearing my walking cast?
You need to go find some supportive people in ministry online and get some tools for communicating with your church hierarchy, because this is a really common problem. You're not being selfish, they need to pay you adequately. I hate seeing people in ministry get like this, "oh, I am not allowed to tell the elders my family needs money instead of them wasting it on nonsense because omg people are starving." It's SO common, find some supportive people online to talk you...
Quote: Originally Posted by aniT . Well then maybe it's that I just don't see this stuff and don't care what others think. I grew up 2 hours away.. granted my parents took us there once... but I have never heard this before nor have I run into it in the North Bay. That's cause the North Bay is where all the normal people who don't hate children moved to! I would just like to state that this thread has inspired me to go shopping for the most...
The adoption sounds sketchy. It probably isn't legal. She probably doesn't have a visa and isn't really allowed to be in the country. I would contact the Costa Rican embassy and describe the situation.
SF is crazy child-unfriendly, it has been for more than a decade.
Essie, I really sympathize, and I hope you can find private charity to help. Nobody on this whole 8 page thread has given you a good practical reason not to report their shady butts. I can though! If you report them, you start an expensive process, and that's what's eating up the resources that need to go to your child. Reporting them just feeds the beast. If we're going to have these benefits, it would be more efficient and cheaper if they were available as a...
Maybe she lost her temper because she has one of the godawful excessive giftgiving situations that some of us have been describing, and you were a safer target than the real offenders. It sucks for you and it wasn't very nice of her, but for all the people on here saying "I just can't understand it," there's a possible explanation other than just being a bitch.
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