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  same here to you both!!
Hi! Thanks for the welcome! We go to Renton once in awhile to visit ikea, and old navy...anything else fun to do?
We recently moved to the area and are looking for friends!! :)   I am a SAHM with four kids- 1yo ds, 3.5yo dd, 13yo ds, & 16yo dd (3 home schooling)   Anyone in West Seattle or nearby? Any playgroups?   Ayn
Quote: Originally Posted by mama2soren Ballard was always my favorite when I lived in Seattle. Bellevue is a nice place, but the commute to downtown can be miserable over those bridges! I used to work downtown, and it was never too bad getting there from Ballard. I'd just go down 15th. Easy, easy, and no freeways to get stuck on Have fun house hunting! thanks -- good to know about Ballard!
Quote: Originally Posted by darciedoodle Dave Poletti has alot of rentals in Wallingford, Ballard, etc. Landlord Management is a good one for West Seattle. Where do you want to live? That's perfect -- Thanks! not exactly sure where yet I like what I hear about Ballard a lot, also West Seattle, they are actually top on the list. Possibly Bellevue, Burien ?? Dh has a job right downtown-so easy commute, affordable, kid friendly,dog...
Hey Seattle Mama's! I've posted a few threads here...and am FINALLY getting to come up for a short house hunting trip. Last minute too...just found out we leave THIS friday! (wasn't planning on it for a couple more weeks!) And I only have about a week (thought I would have 2) to look for a house. If anyone happens to know of any rentals or can refer me to a realtor or legitimate rental company please let me know Thanks a bunch!!
A few of us might meet up at Brandi Fenton park this tuesday am.
We're heading to conner pk around 9:30 today...come play!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota's Mom No, we won't let it die. Kathi
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