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Does the Oakland Zoo have any free days? 
Thanks, everyone!    I will think about CL.  I always forget it exists.
Well, he apologized for the "babydoll" immediately, so it probably just slipped out and he understands respect and boundaries.    I'm guessing he may have left the tools, too, because he wasn't sure how to lead up to something.    I recently had a cable guy hit on me and it was sweet.  I say have your fun when it presents itself!   But, I would NOT invite him for coffee or anything.  I would just call him, tell him about his tools, and see what HE says when...
I just noticed there were replies that referred to my reply.   It is difficult to share all the intricacies that went into our conversations about this topic, but yes, I know the kid wasn't uncomfortable b/c we kept discussing it afterward and he told me he was fine (the level of discussion in our family is such that I questioned that and approached him about it, again) and he understood my perspective.   Maybe that would not work for other people in their...
While I agree that any uncomfortable moment does not equal abuse, I'm not sure what your point is.    Are you saying that CIO is an "uncomfortable moment" for a baby and therefore not abuse?   Are you annoyed that anyone would equate PTSD with CIO?   What are you trying to say in this quote?    
Thank you!  That's what I say, too.    Besides, I would argue with plenty of adults' definitions of "fine".  Just because you have a good-paying job does not mean you have good sense or that you are a good/loving/kind/ethical person.   Seems like even posters on this thread are not aware of that. 
What about the American comma?  That broad is everywhere, too.  She is always popping up in places she definitely does not belong.  So annoying and inappropriate.  The Paris Hilton of punctuation.   Oops.  I think we've ventured into "namecalling" territory.  Sorry!   (And how can Oxford not be British?  Really.  I want to know.)
Laura, I looked around your site and I feel we share the same parenting philosophy and ideals and even (gasp) methods, in general.  From what I read, anyway.  I suppose there are times when how we would interpret things will vary since I prefer not to use absolutist language in my communication and we are not the same person.  "Always" and "never" are impediments, IMO.  Life is not so black and white and I have found that using those words when discussing child-rearing...
And, ironically, she is following you.  On this thread. 
That is not possible.  Even if MDC starts a thread, the replies in the thread are "member generated content".  So...not possible.    
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