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I think it totally depends on the child. Max has always been extremely active, so he really enjoyed his push walker... he could get around in a whole new way, and it was pretty thrilling to him. I got the Fisher Price one that converts to a sit-on ride-on toy and has a little basketball hoop on the front with balls to throw in. It plays horrible baby club music, but he had a lot of fun with it... It's in my garage sale pile right now - I hope he doesn't discover it or...
Yep, Target has them. They at least carry the Hanes brand (the tagless ones) and I think they may have another brand too... maybe their store brand, can't remember. I'm sure you can get them at Mervyns, Sears, or JCPenney... even WalMart if you can stand to go in there!
I haven't posted here in ages... but I thought I'd come by and let someone know that Max and I seem to have weaned. Up until he was two years old he was still nursing over 10 times a day, which is a lot! He's been down to nursing only before sleepytime for probably 5 months now. Well, he hasn't nursed in 5 nights, so I'm pretty sure that's it for nursing. I am so proud to have nursed him for nearly 32 months. As little as a month ago, I know I would've been very sad...
Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak... of course, Max thinks this is HIS story... I guess it is!!!
I have two of those super play yards. It makes for a big enough space that they don't feel as if they are in jail... enough room for exploring and playing with toys, and keeps them from danger. I think they're great.
I've been buying them since Max first started walking and I love them!!! I am lucky because my local food co-op carries them, so I can either buy what they've got in stock, or they will custom order whatever I want, and I don't have to pay shipping... yay! The leather is super soft and comfortable (in fact, I wish I had a pair for myself!) and the soles are very flexible but hold up really well, there is no wear on any of the pairs we have. and absolutely adorable. I...
Silly Strawberry here too... the one with flouride... I don't do the flouride drops so it's ok if he swallows some of it, and he doesn't use too much... he likes to spit too though!!! He's 2-1/2, and I think he started with flouride just before he turned 2... before that I used either water, or the gerber stuff.
I voted neither because I'm a single mom. Max's father left when I was 20 weeks pregnant, I have no idea what his opinion would've been, but it wouldn't have mattered because there's no way I would've done it!!!
Oh I have one... and he's intact too!!! I can check to see if my local toystore still carries them and send you one if you don't find it elsewhere, but I'm sure the shipping will probably cost more than the doll!!! Let me know if you want me to check... I'm pretty sure they were only $10, and it's a really cute little newborn baby.
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