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That's awesome that you were able to hear your baby's heartbeat homesteadmomma Smidge I'm so happy that you are getting to birth the way you want with a mw who your comfortable with. That is such a blessing were you able to hear the heartbeat?
Actually I'm pretty sure now that me and my youngest have a stomach bug we are fighting... crossing my fingers that I feel better once this passes!
Thank you MommaCrystal
Thank you Smidge I got a call back from the doctors office and they booked me in for next Friday the 10th so I'm very relieved that it wasn't a problem and that I will hopefully have some peace of mind before a big family gathering on the 12th where I know I will get asked about being pregnant a lot... Sucky news today though that I'm on the wait list for a midwife which means I won't get one unless they are able to hire another one... Had an amazing pain free home birth...
I had an early loss @ 4-5wks in Feb. I at 12wks now with this rainbow baby. I'm having a really hard time despite insane morning sickness/fatigue/hunger etc feeling like this baby is real/going to be okay... I don't feel at all connected to this baby, can't see it in the future, can't at all see what the birth might be like/have a hard to thinking of what I want birth wise, haven't had any dreams about having the baby or even being pregnant.... & that all worries me as I...
I've had a few feelings here and there that I have wonder if they were the baby... but I'm not sure enough that I would say 100% that is what it is.
I'm 5 days away from the second trimester, and not holding out a lot of hope for feeling better as I to seem to be feeling worse lately! I want to scream every time I read the this is what your baby/body is doing right now and it says "you should be feeling better about now...) Bah... Still looking forward to the second trimester though! :) 
Sorry for your loss :(
So sorry :(
For the first time in 4 pregnancies we weren't able to hear the heartbeat @ 10wks4days I have a hernia right where she usally has found the heartbeat and I guess it was enough to keeps us from picking it up... Really needed to hear it for peace if mind and to feel like there really is a good reason for all this awful sickness... Now I have to wait four more weeks to try again....
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