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-NAME: OSTC -AGE: 28 -EDD: July 12th -LOCATION: Canada -1st child/2nd child/3rd: 4th! -Baby's Sex: We have 3 boys, so I've pretty much said that all babies I'm pregnant with are boys till proven otherwise lol that said I have wondered with how different this pregnancy has been from the start if it could be a girl, and my middle ds is sure its a girl or a girl and a boy!
Sorry I took so long to reply... Been doing the morning sickness/fatigue thing and everything else is slipping my mind these days...Was it a false positive or are you pregnant?
My first belly pic @ 7wks! Super blurry and you will have to excuse the mess... Feeling to pukey to do much cleaning... Pretty sure my tummy is getting rounder sooner with this one.
Found out yesterday after starting to eat homemade pizza that I'm not going to be able to handle ground beef this pregnancy same as in prior pregnancies... Husband made me a another pizza with everything else and lots if cheese and it was perfect!
Congrats! That's very exciting My son prayed for twins (one boy and one girl) but as far as I know I only have one in there lol
We told our kids who are almost 7,4 & 2 right away. We had a miscarriage in Feb and decided to tell them what happened as my oldest is very sensitive to other peoples emotions especially mine and gets on edge when he senses something is off that we aren't telling him. This time we told them that we were pregnant but that it was really early and while everything seems fine there is a small risk the baby could die again. Honestly for my family despite the fact that they are...
Morning sickness just hit full force yesterday, so I'm currently not feeling like eating anything, but trying to force myself to eat as it's worse when my blood sugar gets low and I don't want to lose a bunch of weight like in the past.... Before that though I was eating a ton of avecodaos!
Finally! Got my blood work back this morning! I had a really late night and was super groggy when I got the phone, so I don't remember the exact number but it was 3000+ and the nurse said that the dr just wanted to let me know it was going up and that she will see me on Thursday for my prenatal . So that combined with lovely morning sickness arriving right on time @ 6wks has reassured me that every thing is fine! So my numbers were 99 @ 11DPO 3000+ @ 20DPO
Looks like a bfp to me! Did it come up within the time limit? Do you have a dollar store nearby that you could get some cheapies at to do another test? Would this be a happy thing or not so much?
It seems to be a very confusing topic and one thing will tell you its no big deal and the next will say its a very big deal... Praying for it to be no big deal this time... Don't get me started on brain not working.... I think the pregnancy brain is starting really early this time around for me
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