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Btw, if you get the shot now at 36weeks, you should not get a shot after the birth regardless of baby's Rh. The shot is effective for 12 weeks.
If you're on day 21 of your cycle that's really early for a bfp. If you're 21 days after the end of your period or day 26-28, that can still be a little early for a bfp.
I had my mirena removed a couple of years ago and started charting immediately. My first cycle was 15 days long. I basically ovulated a couple of days after it was removed. I had a couple of wonky cycles with my fertility clearly normalizing before getting pregnant with ds2. From your description it seems like you're treating the bleeding following the removal of the mirena as a period when it's actually anovulatory bleeding and can not be used to assume lack of...
I just started my first pp AF a few days ago and had been planning to start charting as soon as my cycles returned however I'm going to be flying half way around the world (literally) on CD8 and returning on CD16. My average O before DS2 was CD16. Would it be impossible to tell anything this month if I temped? Or maybe I should just temp to get used to doing it again but use backup BC.
No idea about bubble like movements, but that sounds like pretty good timing to get pregnant if you have an average cycle length. Is your period normally so short or was it a really light period? That sounds a bit late for implantation bleeding, but I think possible. Some women also have bleeding during otherwise totally normal pregnancies. Test if you're rEally worried. Or maybe it's gas
Stress and sickness can cause your body to delay ovulation. Without charting it would be impossible to say exactly what is happening right now. It could be AF is about to start ..
Just a general comment ... Britax carseats are not necessarily any safer than any other car seat on the market. Car seats either pass testing or they don't and we do not have any information beyond that. With Britax you are paying for the name brand and extra nice to haves. The safest car seat is the one that fits your car and your child, is properly installed, and is properly used every time.
Maybe you've already picked up seats .. if not ..   For DS: a Graco Nautilus or Argo or an Evenflo Securekid if you can get one yet. For DD: a Graco myRide or Evenflo Triumph 65   You could get both for $250ish with sale shopping.  
Is your other TF an extra seat? If you wanted to keep your DS RF longer you could maybe get a Nautilus and a radian R120. Put him in the radian for now and DD in the TF. Then put him in the Nauti and pass the radian down once you want to FF him.
I generally pick the first person with mostly complete sentences / correct grammar. And I tend to select against a couple of people who are always on the freebie train.
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