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That sounds great . With ds2 now almost 1yo we're just getting back to dh and I having more time together. I really missed that in the baby exhaustion phase. So when I saw your post that's what my thoughts went to (even though I also have major baby fever now too). Eta: and pre-ttc baby planning can be a lot of fun too!
My son Rowan has a Wren in his daycare class. I haven't figured out which girl she is though.
I have a complete air 50. It's a very light and somewhat narrow seat with a low base. It has a tall shell though and has to be installed at 45 degrees according to the manual so it can have fit issues in some cars. It also doesn't fit infants well so you'd need to use a bucket for a few months first. If you do go with a CA you'll probably want the one with the base as the one without can require multiple noodles to get the correct incline.
I don't remember the particulars of shettles but between timing dtd close to O and some dietary changes I think you can bring the odds slightly more in favor of a boy but IIRC, it's still less than 60%.  Good luck :)  
I'm almost 12 mo PP and have not started cycling yet.  I have had signs of returning fertility over the last month or two.  I cosleep with DS2 so at least partially wake up several times a night BFing but I don't get out of bed then.  We wake up for the day just about the same time every day, so it probably wouldn't be that hard to start temping but would it actually be meaningful?   DH does NOT want another kid but hasn't gotten around to getting his physical which...
Count me in the camp of "learned".  I don't view learning from observation that much differently from learning from books -- except learning from books later in life is much more difficult than naturally soaking up good parenting skills by growing up in a home with good parenting.  Though, being a bibliophile, I do think anybody can learn something of value from a good parenting book.  Things like co-sleeping, breastfeeding, responding to my babies' cries came very...
My second is easier. Everyone calls him Happy Baby. And I totally LOL'd @ having one child is like getting a degree and not getting a job. To the OP though, in your shoes I would really take some time to enjoy my new closeness with DH and I would make absolutely sure he was 100% on board with another baby before TTC. Also, given a history of ppd, it'd probably be a good idea to line up resources before another baby arrived.
Sounds like a misdiagnosis. Can you follow up with your doctor?
It's so easy to go down the rabbit hole of what ifs but honestly there is no way to know exactly what caused and what, if anything, you could have done would have changed anything. DS2 had some really funky positioning that ended with SD. My MWs turned his shoulder and he popped right out and had wonderful apgars. But I ended up with a weird internal second degree that required transfer for stitches. I left ds at home so the hospital wouldn't mess with him. Got home 7hrs...
We have a microsuede padded headboard bolted to the bed frame. I loosened it alot. Didn't actually break it though.
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