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DH had corndogs late last night and when he put the box back in the freezer it kept the door from shutting.  He was the last one to bed and somehow didn't notice the freezer door open 4 inches (with the light on).  So my LLL (who was also my MW, so I have her phone number on my favorites still) got a frantic call at 8:00 this morning when I discovered my milk was all semi-thawed and I was about in tears.  So she said what I'd thought, it would be refreezing, so my entire...
I was about to post a question about woven wraps so this is very timely.  My tiny baby is almost 18 lbs now and the Moby isn't working for us anymore.  I'm really lusting after a Didymos waves in red but yikes that's expensive.  But check this out ... http://www.amazon.com/Didymos-Baby-Carrier-Waves-Silver/dp/B000YER3BQ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1299470914&sr=8-3   Not cheap, but definitely cheaper.  I'm currently a size 14 .. on top, if you know what I mean .. so...
You can get a Scenera for $40 with Walmart's ship to store.  It doesn't have padding and other creature comforts but it is extremely light.  So it might be ideal for your current situation with a plan to go to something else when she outgrows it in a few years.  One negative is some people have problems getting good installs.  
I would be most concerned about getting a proper car seat installation and/or proper belt positioning.  I'm not sure if you kids are in backless boosters or what, but I'd think a hbb couldn't be installed properly with that low backed bench (I'm not a car seat technician ... just my recollection of how those seats work). 
I had my Mirena out in 08/09 and started charting immediately.  I O'd 7 days after having it out with a total cycle length of 15 days (really short luteal phase).  My next cycle I O'd on cd22 IIRC with a more normal luteal phase.  Overall I think my hormones were still straightening out when I got pregnant 5 months after getting it out -- so far as reaching a normal cycle length, normal fertile CF, etc.  Oh, and my cycles are normally extremely regular.
We conceived DS1 the month before we were going to start TTC (I was 31) and conceived DS2 the first month of not preventing (I was 33).  Now we're stuck on BC since we're not planning on having any more kids.  Both times I had it in my head that it would take months of trying ... lol  
Thank!  I think we'll give Earth's Best a try to see if it works for us ... failing that we'll try Huggies next.  It's funny how Pampers worked for our older DS but so many explosions with DS2.
I've been cloth diapering my 4mo DS but when he goes into daycare in a month or so, we will need to send him with disposables.  We've used Pampers a few times while traveling and every time he poops it goes shooting up his back.  He's 100% breastfed, so it's that lovely runny poop.  We don't have this problem with cloth diapers, just the Pampers.  Rather than buying a whole bunch of different kinds to experiment, I was hoping somebody else has been through this and found...
I've done several stencils now and have a couple of thoughts ...   -- a small self-healing cutting mat and an exacto knife makes cutting more detailed stencils much! easier -- any medium that will adhere a stencil to the shirt will work.  I'm thinking 3m magic spray to adhere a vinyl(?) stencil might be a good way to create a reusable stencil.  haven't tried it yet tho!
Oh, and I meant to add ... your mulberries should give good forage for your chickens as should your oak if it is bearing acorns.  I don't remember what type of oak you said it was.  Acorns, being high in protein, should be really good for your chickens.  
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