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Hi. You probably should not be drinking raw milk. There is the risk of listeria which can cause miscarriages. It's really not worth the risk.
I suggest you watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MnmmDiQSdA . It is author and anti-racist activist Tim Wise's breakdown on this very subject. 
If what was brought to me was offensive and inappropriate? Absolutely. Yes. I would refuse to read. I would explain to my child the reason why I was not reading it to him and I would ask him to get another book. 
How about Arjun? My son has a classmate who has that name. It's such a strong and respectable name since Arjun was a mythical hero.
Oh my goodness. I am so sorry.
Hi, Purplegirl! Love this!
Quote: Originally Posted by BarnMomma I ahev some friends who vax and some who don't. HANDS DOWN the non-vaxed kids are brighter, smarter, more alert, and healthier. They look like they glow...very bright eyes, shiny hair, no circles under the eyes...they just look better. . Hmmm...and you know without hesitation that all the children who are vaxed are not as smart or bright as those who are unvaxed? Do you know for sure- without a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jannah6 Looks like we've all been thinking about our childrens schooling. I hope everything works out for you all. I'm thinking about sending the children back to school next year. Actually it was my husbands idea,but i haven't given him a solid answer. The morning sickness has been kicking my butt and most days it's hard for me to get out of bed. I know that I probably have 2 months of this suffering. I'll be having a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arike Sheila, would love to hang out with you, William and the new baby this summer! Of course! I'm always around, you know!
Finances are tight since I'm not working (and won't be for maybe another 2 years again). William will attending free pre-k in the fall and into his 4th year so that's covered. I know we should definitely look into private. My ultimate dream would be to send him to the Society of Friends School in this neighborhood but that tuition is astronomical. The PS in this area are not bad but they're not fantastic either. We're not in the zone for the "good" school.
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