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My son has a small growth on the tragus of his ear, sort of like a skin tag. The NICU nurses told me we could have it removed; our pediatrician said we should have it removed while he was young. I think it's cute and told her we'd only have it removed it if it ever bothered him.
Lots of prayers!
Quote: Originally Posted by jeteaa She flips out, say we we have no right to not let her have "OUR KIDS" out at her condo for an afternoon. I can't believe she actually said that. Some people are unbelievable.
My son is 16 months and hasn't started walking yet. He crawls, cruises, and hobbles around (crawl on one knee and one foot) and will stand for long periods of time without assitance. The docs at our ped practice have been telling us since he was 10 months old that he'll be walking any day but months have gone by and he's still not walking. They aren't worried and I'm not either, but it does make me laugh when the 11 months old at the park are walking and he's still...
I am so sorry. What a terrible loss.
I am sorry she did that to you and your daughter. My blood is boiling for you!
I am so sorry. My stomach sank when I read this.
The most wonderful thing anyone could do for me after my miscarriage and stilbirth was to just be there for me. Friends who randomly called and took me out to dinner, family who came over for an afternon and watched a stupid movie with me, work buddies who took me out for a night of silliness and drinking... Just being there to support your friend is the best thing you can do for her. Everyone needs a break from the grief from time to time, as well as a shoulder to cry on.
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