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After three years I'm just now feeling like my dreads are becoming low maintenance. Dreads really haven't been much less maintenance than my brushable hair. After 18 months or so a few of my ends dreaded up along my nape but I helped the rest a long with a crochet hook. They still aren't all nicely rounded. I like tails though. People make dumb comments. My dreads were almost two and I had someone ask if they were brand new babies! People don't understand how long...
Posted upthread. I'm atheist. I didn't think my response was spiritual at all like you said. I tell my kids when you die you're gone. I don't see anything spiritual about that. But I'm blunt with my kids. I'm not going to sugar coat it and make it all weird. I think that would worry them. I totally agree about not giving a spiritual explanation when it isn't at all what you feel or believe. Thanks 2xy I will check out atheistparents.
I like this black bean chocolate cake. Best chocolate cake ever. I've used honey or maple syrup but stevia would be fine too. You could probably use mashed up bananas even.
We looked into private party but ended up finding what we needed at a dealer. We got a good deal and were/still are really happy with it. They had a full service shop so it was in tip top shape. We did look at some older class A's in your price range. I really liked them but it wasn't practical with our business. If you get something older some places have rules about how old your camper can be. But the nice thing is you can paint and remodel inside without much...
I tell them when we die we are gone and our body gets buried in the ground. They have been to family members graves so they ask about that. When ds was 4-6 we talked about different people's beliefs but he was too young to understand and it all became extremely confusing for him. He was really acting out. With DD I won't go into religion and after life ideas until she is much older.
sarmis35 we do construction as well. Most sites we have used only allow a motorhome plus one vehicle or a truck/trailer plus one vehicle. The extra vehicle would require an extra fee. Occasionally they might have a parking lot you could use. Sometimes these parks are super small. Some sites are barely big enough to fit our truck and 5th wheel and nowhere to park on the street. What we do is have DH's work truck which also pulls the 5th wheel and now I have a van as...
LOL I have thought about getting an outside shower. We used to camp backwoods style as a kid and had a little portable shower.
A lot of RVers just pay out of pocket. Private health ins is pretty expensive. Though you can just buy limited coverage in case of a hospitalization. Our plan, since we are low income, would be to apply locally for state coverage if we had a major incident. Try the local health departments though since they offer services on a sliding scale fee.
I always plan to spend more time in an outside living space but I fail at that a lot of the time! We should get one of those tents or something where the baby can play easily now that he's crawling and soon to be walking. How do you occupy a new crawler/toddler on the road or at your campsite? Seedlinghugger we don't do any WBV. I would consider just making an appt wherever you are and telling them what you want. Depending on your insurance if you have it and what dr...
They are so lovely and great colors! They look really nice on you.
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