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We have traveled all over in our camper. The kids love it. We visit small local history museums, monuments, national parks and other points of interest. It's been an incredible learning experience. We also have a home base now where they can be involved in their homeschool groups regularly but still RV part time.
OP, good luck to you. I had similar goals. We RV'd for a year and thought we would find the perfect place. We are secular homeschoolers and raw off and on. I think Colorado would be something to look into. We will be RVing there in a few months. Northern California, Portland Oregon might fit your needs. We have veg unschooling friends in Vermont that swear it's the best place! We came back to IL, no homeschool requirements make unschooling easy and we have a small...
My DH will let the kids ride. Of course never with the blades running.
My DH started working as a carpenter at 14. The first couple years were part time paid apprenticeship that took the place of school work. He also delivered appliances. He didn't use the money very wisely but he did use the experience and was an accomplished carpenter before most people graduate from high school. DS is only 9 but is very interested in working and already doing odd jobs for money. I suppose he could get a regularly paying job as soon as he's legal.
Texanromaniac, what an exciting time! It feels so good to get rid of all that stuff. Mamayogibear, I love the look of the converted school buses. DH and I have talked about doing our own conversion some day. I've never been in one personally. That would be an amazing trip. I think we will try RVing to Alaska some day. We are remodeling our 5th wheel right now. DH is putting down vinyl flooring that looks like hard wood. It looks really nice. We are getting back...
What a great pic! The cover appears to be okay. Have you lanolinized it? Is it possible that it's not 100% wool?
If you're swimming in chlorinated water, wet your dreads with clean water before you get in so they don't absorb all that chlorine. Chlorine residue was the only issue I have had while swimming with dreads.
I have some tinkle traps that I got used on DS. They might be my favorite diaper ever. I plan to have all my prefolds converted and dyed with them! I had some snaps and some no closure. The no closure was awesome and we had almost no leaks/blow outs. Very trim too. However the snap closure just didn't fit right. I love the velour topper they put on the inside, very soft. ETA I had some serged with the soaker sewn on top and some turned with enclosed soaker. The...
Kissaluvs are awesome for containing bf poop. I've used a lot of PF, pockets, AIOs....but the KL are great. They are commonly rec'd for newborns and we are still loving them. I use wool covers exclusively so poop blow outs means I have to wash a cover. Not having blow outs is really nice.
We are in Bloomignton now. We have a cloth diaper store and sling shop here FYI and an AP group http://www.meetup.com/attachmentparenting-316/
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