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Newish doula http://doulamatch.net/profile/2592/amanda-palmer Also check out http://www.wisewomenbirthservices.com/ And http://doulasetc.wordpress.com/ All people I know personally.
I'm from Lincoln! Check out Laura Lawson CNM in Bloomington and for homebirth the CNM option is Brandy Ruskusky (Peoria). For Doula check out wisewomenbirthservices.com
My DD loves kombucha and has been drinking it since she was a year old. I will let her drink as much as she wants. We have never had any side effects. If your dd has silver mercury tooth fillings then I would not give her kombucha.
My DH and two of the kids have the same birthmark on the same spot on their abdomens. It looks like a scar but it's not.
I had a patapum, it's a great carrier. Very comfy with my dd who was about 25 pounds at that point. I didn't have a hood with mine, that would have been nice. My dd was born May 21 and it was too hot (80's) here to wear her in the moby even inside with the AC on.
Indigo, wow I love your dreads! MF, love your wedding attire and updo! I always do a neat bun when I need to look professional. Sharlla, wow good progress!
I had my dreads with my hospital birth three months ago in a very conservative town. No problems! I've had some of the strangest looks from people in TX though.
A concrete wall, yes, you hit the nail on the head there. I've also found that a lot of the GD parenting tactics don't work with DS. We have both taken the positive discipline class, it is a great class. I have to laugh at some books and articles, even books for strong willed children.
Hello! We've got lots of plans this spring. I set up the art easel DD got for Christmas and she's been keeping some paint and crayons out on that coming and going and using it many times a day. She usually paints every day so she's loving this. We are going to be raising some chicks this month and I plan to make a terrarium and planting a garden. Finger knitting is also on the schedule. The kids are getting art supplies for Easter. They love to transform things from...
I got pg last year and my just turned 3 year old weaned herself. She started nursing again several months later though her latch was a little off. She's managed to fix it though. Now I have a 3 month old and an almost 4 year old tandeming and it's great. My older dc started forgetting how to latch around age 3.5 as well but I never could get him fixed. So I guess it depends on the child.
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