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I normally have an over supply but even I have tanked my supply by not eating enough. I got down to 1000 calories and that eventually took a huge toll on my supply. He may be gaining well now but I'm afraid you are risking your supply and will at some point have problems. I would shoot for 2000 or more calories for now.
I really like the redesigned medela nipple as well. Second choice would be tommee tippee. We have the breastflow as well but I'm not a big fan. I have the Adiri and it's awful.
I had the strips with my first c/s and yeah it took a long time for them to finally fall off. I didn't have them at all with 2 and 3.
I've washed anywhere from 2x's a week to every 2 weeks depending on how dirty I've gotten. They do get a lot tighter when I wash more often but now that they're getting fat it takes longer for them to dry and it's just sort of a pain to have them damp for a couple days.
I hope this fixes it. So glad you found the issue and can get it resolved.
Yay finally he comes! You may not have gotten the homebirth you wanted but you did an awesome job. Congratulations!
I'll be around! We can have a thread in LWAB. I still catch up with the May 07 moms occasionally.
I can't do 100% raw in the winter. I tried last winter and even living in south Florida getting very fresh produce I didn't fare well. I could never get warm. I just didn't get as much of a benefit as usual and felt more sick and weak than anything. I think 50% is more my style in winter. I know a lot of people still do warm herbal teas. If you like pad thai there are plenty of raw versions you can try too here and here.
I can't believe Roan is three weeks old already. He's up 1.5 pounds from his birth weight. Out of newborn sizes. I'm feel back to normal just not ready to do any heavy lifting. Most of my placenta capsules are gone. I think they did help to improve my mood. What's surprising is that I haven't been tired at all since the birth. I saw my naturopath this week and he checked everything out and I got a healthy report. I'm planning on LAM plus condoms as usual.
New Posts  All Forums: