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This was what I was going to say.... but then I checked out the website (mealbaby) and it looks like a pretty neat set up. I wouldn't feel guilty about it. Did you already send the email out? If not, maybe putting something about how lots of people have mentioned that they wanted to bring a meal and you thought that this might help?  
I second the acupuncture. One session was all it took for both of my girls. Any chance you could relax more by yourself...since dh isn't up for it?   
Due any day now with #3 and have yet to get a stroller....this one looks great!
Is that how many she has attended since practicing on her own? Depending on her training, she may have many more births under her belt as an apprentice as well as practicing under a senior midwife.  I would find out more about her training.   
Youtube has some good videos, but be sure to screen them alone first. We love the book Hello Baby by Jenni Overend. We also talk a lot about what might happen. Things like '....mommy might yell really loudly to help the baby come out....' and then we yell together :) Mostly just talking and pretending is what helped prepare our daughter.  You might be surprised at how 'no big deal' it is to your son. We were surprised with our (2yr old) daughter. Everyone was so calm...
I am so glad that they got to you! I sent the stones from stone studios. You should have my self addressed envelope soon! It was easier (and quicker) to ship the beads straight to you. -Patrice
Any updates? Thanks so much for this info!
I would love to join! Thanks for putting this together!
The OP has not responded to me. Has anyone heard anything back from her? If not, I would love to get together and move forward with something.  Please update me on what your thoughts are.  
I to, would really like to change my name. I had no idea what a chat board was and never thought that my screen name would be an issue. I rarely post because of this, even though I would like to. A one time name change would be so nice.   What if given the chance to change your screen name if you upgrade to a supporting member?
New Posts  All Forums: