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•EDD  December 2nd  •Your Name:Wendy •Age:36 •State or Country:Oklahoma,US   •What number child is this for you: Baby number 9  •Birth Plans/Preferences:UA homebirth
I am also due 2nd December...trying to just be happy and relax and stop worrying. I am very excited and hopeful! This will be baby number nine for us.
I think the bolded is pretty spot on! Once I made it a concious choice to have mothering be my "career" I found I liked it a lot more. I am good at it, I am empowered by it, and we are now a healthy and happy large family. I have 8 children. Did you find it become easier/harder/more stressful/less stressful etc the more you had? Harder at first, then easier. Practice makes perfect lol!What number of children did you find most stressful. First, second......fifth?? I had my...
 I have used Ruth Cobb for 4 amazing births now, and can not speak highly enough about her. Please feel free to pm me if you want birth specifics. Welcome to the area, and Congrats on your pregnancy!
Oh my goodness, the adoable factor of each and every baby is unbelievable! Everyone is growing and moving and shining...I love coming on here after a long day and just marveling at all of our babies.
I am glad you have an answer, living with uncertainty must have been really difficult. I hope a far better door opens now, that will please you both.
I think we will probably have more. We won't be preventing, and I have gone longer and longer between babes and may not reach a fertile point for two or more years, but I think there is another child waiting to come to us. The thought makes me very happy, although in some ways I am tired and want to do fun things like go on a cruise, or backpack in the PNW...things that would be easier without a wee child in tow. Then I argue internally about what would be the better...
Non bc large family here too. I agree with the easy going sentiments in regards to comments. I used to get rather frustrated(though I never showed it to the people I talked to) but now I am more resigned and accepting of the fact that people don't know they are being rude. I always answer the hands full comments with a hearty yes and a giant grin as I hug my kids and that usually thaws any tension, or makes the person realize I am happy and that this is not some self...
Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that. I am praying and sending healing thoughts your way, I hope someone has some helpful advice.
What wonderful, beautiful babies!     Here is Luke and his cousin Liam. They are both 3 months now, although Luke has 3 weeks and many pounds on Liam. Luke is the redhead, Liam is the cutie with hair lol.
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