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I've got to second the Malem alarm. I bought one used (they clean easily) for $50 on ebay at the end of October. I figure that was only a few months of Good Nights for us, which my 6.5yo was wetting through every night. He started using the alarm on November 1st, and within 2.5 weeks was waking up on his own to use the bathroom. He now doesn't even have to get up most nights and is able to hold it till morning. The alarm hasn't gone off in at least 2 weeks. Before...
I second the lanolin, I think it would last longer on the skin than coconut oil would, although any oil from your kitchen would work in a pinch.
My kids and like to eat "mix it up" yogurt. We each get a little bowl on a plate with plain yogurt in it then little piles of add in bits on the plate. Yesterday we had coconut, strawberries and few chocolate chips. I could never get them to eat the plain yogurt until I started letting them mix in their own things.
I needed two twin mattresses for my kids' bunk beds and I tried to find something nontoxic that I could afford, but I couldn't. I considered getting cotton futons, but didn't want to put them on the bunks. I ended up buying used mattresses because I figured at least they had already done some outgassing and then I encased them in zipon allergy barriers since I figured they would have dust mite build up.
The Baldwin Project is a great source for more free stories than you could use in a lifetime! I would stick mainly with simple, repetitive stories like The Gingerbread Man, The House That Jack Built, The Little Red Hen, etc.
okay, sorry that that somehow posted 4 times. I'll ask a mod to trim them. Great, now I have erased my original post. I give up. I'm going to bed.
I love Lifeways and More Lifeways. I read them over and over and over! Also check out Donna Simmon's site, Christopherus Homeschool Resources. She is my favorite Waldorf Educator. Even though it is homeschool based, you will find lots of resources for early childhood, since most of that is done at home!
We are down to one movie night every week or every other week, but I'm probably going to drop that as well. We have enjoyed the old Disney movies, but yesterday my kids played Thomasina (which they saw 4 months ago) and remembered the tiniest details. I don't really want tv media living in their heads to such an extent.
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