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Around here the inclusive homeschooling group is the one joined by people who don't want to belong to the overtly Christian groups. I have never heard religion discussed at any of the activities or on the yahoo list, although someone is starting up a Christian activity subgroup. Also, I think one of the main differences is that gay families are welcome.
Did anyone else notice the brief look that passed over Hurley's face when Libby said, "Michael"? Like he kind of recognized why she was saying his name, but then his emotion over her dying wiped it off. I think we might see more from him regarding that.
People with hard water usually need to use lots more detergent, not less. I think most people with hard water assume they have build up of detergent (I mean, everyone says use less!) when really they have a build up of gunk from diapers not getting clean enough. When you run your dipes on a normal wash cycle, with detergent, do you see suds in the wash? I have to use at least 2x the amount recommended to even see a sud. You can also use Calgon water softener (found...
I think you should keep it up, but I would also continue offering healthy choices that you know he likes as snacks. Here's what we do in my family. DS (3.5) is not picky, dd (20 months) is picky, but also still nursing a lot. Breakfast is usually oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, all offered with fruit. If kid doesn't want what adults are eating, can always have toast with fruit. Lunch at home is food that I know they like but that is healthy and that I will eat. Snacks...
I think NotHenry is VERY high up with the Others. As I think someone already said, he would have to be pretty important in order to go to the trouble of his rescue. I don't think you can believe a word out of his mouth, he is so conniving and manipulative. I think this "good person" stuff is just more manipulation as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by westernmamomma But now, anyone have any good ideas on what to do with the stale bread ends that will acumulate in the house? Toss them in the freezer, and when enough accumulate, thaw them out and process them in a blender or food processor for bread crumbs. I've also found that my kids will eat the ends in sandwiches if I just flip the bread so the "nice" side is out.
Staying on the whole mental hospital thoughts... yes Hurley was in before he won, but so was what's his name who Hurley got the numbers from. Could Libby have been there for some reason observing him? She definitely remembers where she knows Hurley from. Did you see the look she gave when he mentioned trying harder to remember where he knows her from? There is something so suspicious in her interest in Hurley. And not because of his looks - the whole scenario just...
Gypsymama water wraps are great for older babies and toddlers. If you wear it in a front wrap cross, with the baby facing out, the baby/toddler still has lots of range of movement for splashing and kicking. Plus it feels super secure and I'm a lot more comfortable in water with limited visibility - like the ocean or lake.
Although we are not Christian, we do celebrate Easter - as the return of spring. I think that we, as a society, have become so out of sync with the change of seasons, etc. I like having concrete/fun ways to incorporate them in my kids' lives. The Easter hare will be bringing little baskets and hiding eggs. The myth of Demeter and Persephone (especially as retold by Starhawk) is a great story for this time of year. Although obviously your babe wouldn't get much out of...
Wood lattice makes a great sandbox cover, cut down to size. Not heavy and its easy to get on and off.
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