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I don't think the films are THAT old are they?
Thank you, oh Queen of the Lost!
I feel lazy. Someone go find some more spoilers for us. Pleeease????
What cute pics. I love the reindeers!
Just wanted to point at that hospitals can't make anyone leave that you choose to have there. I transferred to the hosptial and both my midwives (licensed, not CNMs) were with me the entire time.
yeah, the crying scene was pretty bad. Nathan even looked liked Ethan around the eyes/nose. I was sure it was him! Goodwin seems so NORMAL. I feel bad for those poor tailies. No suitcases to rummage through, getting snatched in the middle of the night...
I don't know if I can handle the kids getting taken by the others...
I bet if you contact Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies - Coalition of Washington State and explain your situation, they will help you locate care this week. http://www.hmhbwa.org/ourservices/prenatal.htm
I brought my babies to the sanctuary with me when they were very small and could nurse and sleep happily. Now I bring them in for the singing at the beginning, scoot them down the hall to the nursery and make it back for meditation and lesson and then scoot back to get them in time for the ending singing. I think a lot of it has to do with the type of church/service you attend. I attend a Unity church and that hour of meditation and listening to inspiring words is a...
I hang a clear shower curtain behind my fabric one. Then when dc are in the tub I simply flip the fabric one up over the rod, so that only the clear one is hanging down.
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