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I've always put mine up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this year I'm thinking that a month of Christmas is just too much for my kids. I'm doing the whole "simplify Christmas" thing, so this year we're putting stuff up two weeks before.
I voted no, because as you describe it I wouldn't do so. My kids have been with me in bars as infants for New Year's, after rehearsal dinners, etc. What would there even be for your kids to do? No way, I'd be staying home or just going to my family's. If you live near, you could always invite her to your house for pie or something, and then you have met any obligation.
Tonight on 360 at 10:00 on CNN: Quote: Should you spank your kids? Some revealing answers about how you should discipline and what really works. Tune in at 10 p.m. ET. Sounds interesting, I'm going to try and watch this.
I'm so happy for you! We live close to lots of family and we really appreciate them.
What was the point of that little musing???
Some people are speculating that Shannon was stabbed, not shot, based on the appearance of her wound. I haven't seen a clear screencap yet though. Danielle has a rifle. I can't remember what kind of gun Desmond took...
Quote: Originally Posted by chersolly Shannon was not shot by Ana-Lucifer! http://sier.home.comcast.net/sword.gif Not a sword though. Looks more like a rifle. And who do we know with a rifle????
Sounds like a good idea! I think you can do a match test on a little snip of the blanket. Burn a little chunk and if it reduces all to ash it should be wool/natural fibers. If it makes a gooey kind of lump then it is synthetic. I would suggest using an allergy barrier cover for the mattress as opposed to a plastic cover though. They cost a little bit more (like maybe $20-30 at someplace like Target) but they allow minute amount of moisture to escape. Plus they aren't...
Quote: Originally Posted by fremontmama and no kidding, watch out for sayid! i mean, the one person you dont really want to piss off ( i guess besides maybe sawyer, kate and ana-lucia). Dh and I were talking about what a kick ass island warrior band you could make with Eko, Ana Lucia, Sawyer, Kate and Sayid. I'd get out of their way...
On the viral vs. bacterial pink eye, viral pink eye discharge ususally has a more watery appearance, while bacterial discharge is ususally the yellow/green goopy stuff.
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