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I'm also making cleaning supply baskets up for gifts. I've got lots of great recipes that I use at home, but I'm at work. I'll post them later tonight!
I also had a paraguard (copper) IUD before I conceived first dc. It was the best form of birth control I have ever used. Only cost me a $50 copay on insurance and since it can last for 10 years, that's a pretty good deal. Little bit heavier cramping the first two months but then totally normal. Here's an article about how copper iud's aren't linked to infertility: http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/...-iuds-usat.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by USAmma Y I was so shocked, esp. when dh tried to kneel down to talk to her and she put the palm of her hand on his face and pushed him back. Kind of funny when its not your kid who does something like this. I sometimes wish I could just push over people, KWIM?
Bleh. Rank right down there with Good N Plenty in my book.
Ds toe walked and still toe runs sometimes. He is 3 now. I always thought it was pretty common. I bet your dd is just a standard toe walker and that it isn't indicative of anything else. If it makes you feel better though, I would get a "professional's" opinion.
I feel ya Janebug. Dh and I split shifts for 3 years, just stopped about 3 months ago because he lost his job. He almost always had weekends off, though and I think that can make things easier. At least we knew we had two whole days and nights together every week. We kept daily notebooks for each other which helped A LOT. One notebook was the "business" notebook - where we kept notes to each other on what kid did or needed to do what, bills that needed to be paid,...
I don't really care about how its done online. I'll shorten people's screen names if they are really long. IRL, I HATE when people repeatedly mispronounce my bf's name after they have been corrected numerous times. Her name is Tara (Tar-uh) not Tare-uh. It kills me when people won't make a tiny little effort to call someone by the right name. My name is Sarah, which doesn't get mispronounced, but it drives me crazy when people spell it Sara. People like MIL and...
Quote: Originally Posted by aklidberg I didn't know I was going to get attacked for posting a thread, I know better next time................................ Where in this thread did you get attacked? All I saw was some people agreeing with you and others saying that they have done it before. I certainly didn't see a single person attack you.
Quote: Originally Posted by sophiamama Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that the people who are USING the board apparently have no say in how its working? Careful mama, that kind of talk can get you in real trouble round these parts.
Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanEarthMama In my opinion, providing a safe, happy place for children to be that honors their needs (freedom to roam, yell, play, explore) within the larger context of a loving community IS honoring them as full members of that community. I don't see how this marginalizes children in anyway. It tells them that we SEE them and their needs and that we will provide safe and happy places for them even when we are having adult...
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