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When I used the term "yahoo" it was not directed towards you in any way. I was simply responding to what commonly occurs when people expect you to leave your kids in a hotel or church room with people you know nothing about. I think that the set up that you described was very different from the normal situation. I still believe, however, that when you require children to be away from adults during things like weddings (and funerals, etc) that you are telling them...
We just moved to a new office and dd (1yo) has SO much more room. I now have my own large office with a door. I can gate it off so she stays by me but can still see people as they go by. I am not really having to keep her entertained since we aren't on top of each other in a cubicle anymore.
Check out the excellent advice for ear infections from The Block Center. My library has her book, and I bet yours either has it or can get it on loan. http://www.blockcenter.com/pages/pages_ear.asp
I would have been in total shock as well. I hope this doesn't stop you from breastfeeding in the park!
Quote: Originally Posted by huggerwocky Expecting a woman to be quiet during birth and not talk is just another misogynist idea a man implemented in a "religion". From what I've heard and what others have already posted, that is not the way it is. The idea is to have no idle chatter, etc in order to create a more sacred birth environment. Plus, it is for every person there, not just the mother. Any birth noises, etc are allowed. I would...
I would definitely go for the Marathon. Britax has the only other carseat options over 40 lbs. Once kids hit the 40 lb, 40'' mark you have to have a Britax or use a seatbelt booster. My ds outgrew the Roundabout before he was three. He has a Marathon now, and when he outgrows that he will have a Husky. I just don't see how it makes sense to take such little kids out of 5 point harnesses. Are you planning on having any more kids? We move kid #2 into kid #1's RA. ...
So on a discussion board, I guess we just shouldn't discuss.
Quote: Originally Posted by Milky Way There are many reasons why people don't invite children to weddings but it's nothing to take offense to. Some family's just don't bring kids to more elegant functions, some do. If your a guest you are that a guest and you don't have the right to dictate how someone else should run thier wedding/ life. You do have the right to politly decline the invitation. In most cases the bride and groom will understand, I know...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrsMoe yup... chidlren are not lesser people
566,000 voted often and more than a light swat??? That is really disturbing.
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