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I can't stand when children aren't invited to a wedding. Weddings should be about families and leaving children out minimizes their role as a full member of the family. My stepsister had, IMO, the ultimate in tackiness. Her own child came to the wedding but no one else's was allowed. We had to come from out of town for the wedding. I wouldn't have gone, but my dad was home from overseas just for the wedding so I went to see him for a bit. I stayed at the hotel with...
My 3 yo has a kinderzeat, but is already now sitting in an adult chair. If you can get the kinderzeat with the free cushion, you can sell it on ebay which is what we did. Do check out the One Step Ahead seat, it looks almost exactly like the kinderzeat.
About Mr. Eko... Eko is the former name of the largest city in Nigeria (Lagos) which certainly adds credence to him being a survivor of the crashed drug plane.
I have traveled lots and checked a car seat. I just use a $20 carseat cover and my Britax has never had any damage.
Maybe they just did some market research do find out who the least liked girl was. Now I would vote for Ana Lucia, but they wouldn't kill her off so soon.... Chesolly, your crack about the leather vest cracked me up.
I LOVE the movie. It is such a beautiful portrayal of Christ. Plus, the music is great.
I don't believe that an evil force exists that would be comparable to the God/Spirit/Love/Unity force. I think that evil things happen when people have closed themselves of from (or been closed off from) that God source. I think that things that seem evil are actually chaos playing out, and that chaos occurs away from God. I've never believed in a Satan figure in any way. My church is Christian and also doesn't hold with a Satan mythology.
Stop the spoiler tag insansity!!! :LOL
Here's my understanding about what happened: -PBS has been "giving" the PBS Kids channel to cable and satellite companies. Normally these cable companies pay a fee to be able to have a certain channel, as they are the ones who charge the end user. -PBS does not have enough funding to continue to completely subsidize the channel without the cable companies paying their share. -The new channel was created (Sprout) based on negotiations with the cable companies. So...
Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message! Do we really have to use spoiler code in a thread that clearly contains spoilers? Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message! Now Sayiid is all mine!!! Mine I say!!!
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