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the wildflower is definitely clematis!  I'd google searched but w/o a name it was really hard to figure it out.  Thanks so much, philomom!!!
Thank you!!! Potato sprouts totally make sense!  Never grown potatoes before, hmmm...  neither have I grown broccoli or cauliflower.  But I can't figure out when I would have tossed out seeds for either of those.  Eyes of potatoes, yes, lol.  Will look up clematis and passionflower!  No, not on a vine.  The leaves are hard to make out, though, I know.  Thanks SO much!    
Try #2:  There are two of "plant A" here - one is in the middle, the other is upper left.  Pardon the milk jug lol   http://i1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff503/onetrumpeter/389.jpg   Here's plant B - the brassica? looking one:http://i1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff503/onetrumpeter/391.jpg   And lastly, two shots of a wild flower - DD had to take a bath after the poison ivy all around it (didn't realize until after she brought me the flower that there was all...
:p  ok, never done photobucket before but I thought that's what I needed to do.  will try again.
Anyone know what kind of plants I've got that volunteered?  Two of "plant A" and three of "plant B."  These photos are over a week old, and "plant A," the stem-y, leaf-y ones have nearly doubled in size since then but I'm gonna be thrilled if I can figure out how to post them.  "Plant B" looks cabbage-y of some sort, but not sure.   OK, here goes...  
thanks for the thoughts, everyone.  Still can't tell what my cabbage-looking volunteers are.  I don't think I've had anything brassica-like in there except the brussels sprouts but my memory is challenged, lol.   duckduckgoose, if it were mine, I'd leave it!  I suppose you could train either one up the trellis, right?  (Not that I've ever done that - if I do this will be my first time!)
Last year our compost sprouted a lovely, fruitful cucumber plant! :)   the past few days I've noticed what look like squash seedlings!  I'm guessing they're butternut since that's what I can recall tossing in there.   I know compost done well is supposed to heat and prevent germination but... I've apparently not got that down.  I have quite a bit of fears about my inadequate compost skills but feel sort of happy and hopeful that I'm getting something for tossing...
and thanks for sharing the photos! :)
she's SO cute.  did you put that sweatshirt on her shortly after she was born?  I'm unfamiliar w/ goats, but it looks like the photos are right after the birth?  how do mama goats react to the clothing on the baby?
I've wondered this same thing.  We're not in a position to really seriously consider it but I've tried playing with numbers.  Chicky2 said   So $16 hay and $13 feed = $29 three weeks.  About $10/week for maybe 7 gallons per week?  Totally guessing at #s of things but that sounds really worth it to me?!  Also I wonder if any neighbors might want to barter/buy?  I know goat milk from our raw milk farmer is ~$16/gal or so.  I do wonder why it's so much more than his cow...
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