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Hmm, no tablecloth here, but it's something I'd like to start using. It just seems "nicer". That said, I have a 21 month old, so it might be something I have to keep on the back burner for a while.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eben'sMama Santa Cruz, CA i second this
Quote: Originally Posted by Violet2 IMO events are rapidly outpacing Kunstler's predictions and analysis. Further, he has a marked bias as he is a staunch, hardcore dystopian. I think he would be sad if the human species survived. The future will be a middle point between extremes. It won't be like it was, but it won't be as bad as everyone thinks. I like Sharon Astyk's vision. But specifically-- --No retirement --Limited healthcare --Barter...
Or, you know, avoid having any digital photos taken of you whatsoever, because even if YOU do not have an account, chances are, your image is on there. It does not bother me too much because I'm a very, very boring person with a boring life (I like it that way), so the chances of FB ever using my "stuff"? Non existant.
I think that sharing is a very important action, but I also think that it is forced upon children at far too young an age.
I have had PPD since my son was born, and he is 20 months old now.
One of my friends was in my wedding party when her baby was about 1 1/2 - 2 mo PP. It was difficult, I won't lie. And I was young and unaware of what a new mom needed. However, a room was available for her to pump in (she did not bring the baby, her choice). Unfortunately, she decided to manually pump (as in, using her hands -- again, we were both pretty inexperienced with everything) and that didn't work well for her. My mother made ALL of the gowns, including hers, and...
I would absolutely NOT abort. However, I really, really worry what the baby would do to my marriage -- so I think adoption would likely be the end result. Hopefully, emergency contraception (true contraception, not an abortifacient) would work.
Quote: that it would be worth considering the idea that the foreclosure rate is at least in part due to people thinking they can afford a higher percentage of their income going to housing costs that what is realistic Totally agree. And let's not forget that if a couple bases their mortgage on both parties working full-time it can create obvious "situations" when babies enter the mix.
I am sexist and traditional and I do think that the man should pay. ETA -- and why is it "nicer" if the man pays? Because I'm the woman! LMAO
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