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I don't like it when parents yell at their children or expect too much at too young of an age. Spanking I have never witnessed so I cannot tell you what I would think of that.
Anything? My son (20 mos) throws and hits. He gets very excited and throws things AT adults and other toddlers. This is getting dangerous and he is hurting other children, and himself. We are very social and he is with other toddlers, babies and children often, and while I try to keep an eye on him, it's not always possible to prevent him from hitting and throwing. I allow him to throw big, soft balls at home and in the pool. I also allow him to throw rocks into the...
I met my DH when I was a teenager, so that'd be a heck no. However, my Dad and brother are intact, so even if my future partner ended up being cut, it wouldn't have changed my perspective much. I came to the decision on my own about whether to circumsize my son. DH was on board, of course, as he is intact, but even if he were not on board... too bad. When it comes to cutting off useful body parts, I'm okay with disagreement in a marriage.
I'd use the 5th as the marking date.
A Canadian man is facing possible jail time for allowing people to have access to the raw milk of his cows. It's really, really sticky. Lots of stupid, stupid laws. I would tread carefully and seek mentors if you choose to go the whole "raw milk" route. People are uneducated and have way too much authority.
My boy would only nurse lying down for a long time. But yes, it will happen. It will, it will, it will! I can't tell you WHEN it will happen for you, because all babies are different. For us, I guess it was around the 6/7 month mark.
"Back Labour" hahaha... kidding I got nothin'
You will remember the mini-vacay forever. A video game system won't give you family memories like that. Save the video games for Christmas or birthdays.
Quote: Originally Posted by TEAK's Mom OMG! I thought that I was the only person who thought about that. You just made my day. Even in the middle of summer, when we have to run the A/C at night, I have to use a blanket of SOME sort. Or I just can't sleep. Have to use PJ pants, too (or workout pants). Can't sleep without 'em.
Right now, we are in the process of night weaning (it is going very well) our 20 month old. DH sleeps in bed (lucky!) with DS, while I take the couch in the living room, in front of the gas fireplace. I am so cold starting out -- no linens except for an old comforter (poor me, sniffle sniffle) -- that I use the fireplace. I always, always overheat during the night and have to wake up and turn it off. It is a constant source of irritation to me!
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