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Mini vacation.
No, not really. I think that using animal pelts/fur could be really useful in really cold situations.
Quote: Originally Posted by SAHDS I'm with ya! I've been blond for 10+ years but recently, (Oct. 30th) decided to go brownish-auburn. I like it and get tons of compliments but I miss my blond hair like CRAZY (brown feels so "average" - no offense intended)! I'm definitely going back blond when springtime comes and my wardrobe stops being so brown, green, earthtones. Who knows, I may just flip from brown in the fall/winter to blond in the...
Haha, you people make me feel good (thank you) but you're not very helpful. I need to be disciplined. Any other anecdotes or stories? Actually, the "shared custody" arrangement might work... depending on how fried it will make my hair.
Quote: Originally Posted by aliah79 I would never, but I certainly am not an adrenaline junkie. I have kids and hubby who need me and don't see the need to endanger my life uneccessarily. That's just me personally. I'm sure I do dangerous things every day like eating and driving. But skydiving is pretty high up on my danger scale This is exactly how I feel as well.
A 19" Toshiba television -- 1988 to 2005 A chrome toaster -- 1940's to 2006 My VAIO computer -- 2003 to now (still using it -- not bad for an off-the-shelf PC!) I really miss that toaster. You would put the bread in and it would lower the bread automatically. Then, when the bread was toasted -- and it always toasted it perfectly -- it would slowly raise the toast. No popping.
We renovated in 2006. Cabinets (Home Depot, pretty maple with chrome handles) - $8000 Countertops (laminate) - $1700 Tiling - $900 to $1200 (depending on how much underlay you need) Appliances - (stainless) - $4000 Paint - $100 Moulding/trim - Not sure, it's 5" trim. About $2.00/ln. ft. Aside from the cabinets and countertops, we did everything ourselves. Demo, tile laying, moulding, painting. That saved a lot. ETA -- forgot lighting. Bought cheap lighting from Ikea....
My line could change depending on the cirucumstance; however, I would say that in general, wearing clothing that fits me is very important to me. If I can only afford second-hand or Wal Mart, so be it, but I will not be one of those women you see in the grocery store with the scraggly hair and gigantic wool sweater.
Do it do it do it do it It CAN work out -- it did for my parents for many years (situation only ended through family death).
I think "PNUT" would be a cute license plate, since my car looks like a peanut.
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