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I have a nice butt and nice legs, in proportion to the rest of my body (which is not so very nice at all). I have a large stomach and I find that once I find jeans to accomodate my tummy, the legs and butt are HUGE. Any CHEAP jeans I should consider? Under $50? I'm sure that those $110 jeans are just wonderful but there is no point since I keep losing weight.
Dirt and plants
Despite constant compliments, and a theoretical knowledge of your looks improving, you become more and more drawn, as time passes, to your OLD look? What do you do? Do you change back to your old look, which feels more "you", or do you keep the new look until you get used to it? I used to be blonde. Have been blonde since I was 17. I recently dyed my hair dark brown. And it looks good. Really, really good. Flattering. Shiny. Beautiful. It has been that colour...
Doctors need something to harass you about. I didn't bring DS to a doctor for about the first year of his life, just a naturopath now and again when he was sick. Doctors are usually full of it.
7 months PP. No pacis, exclusively breastfed, night-nursed, did everything that you're "supposed" to do to avoid it as long as possible.
I'm way, way too paranoid, so I would end the relationship as it is, and maintain the friendship aspect. I won't even sleep in the same bed with DH if he's sick with a cold, so now you have an answer from a super-paranoid woman to balance out the others.
Quote: Originally Posted by Danielle13 Thats what I worry about. DD is 16m, says 100+ words, strings 4+ words together, sings complete songs to the tune and seems to be ahead of children a year older than her. I worry that I'll be disapointed w/ my next baby if they're not as "smart". How horrible am I to be even thinking that But its hard to imagine not having my toddler comunicate with me so well. There will be other ways the new...
"Socks" are "cock" -- and he sure loves his socks, and loves to tell everybody about it.
I'm not sure but I love it, love it, love it!
I would put some cars/trucks in the bags -- but in all of them. Maybe the girls like "boy" things, too? But I would include "boy" things for everybody, just in case the boys don't like "girl" colours.
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