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Amazing, congratulations!!!
I think it's REALLY important to respect children's space, unless their safety is in danger, so that they respect their own space as well -- hopefully it will help them be aware of what is and is not "okay" touching from others.
I hope that you feel better soon. It helps to talk. I suffer from night terrors on occasion and they can really negatively colour your day, your week, even your month. I am Christian so I pray that God helps me lift the memory of those horrible visions from my mind, and He does. You will find something that works for you, and when you do, return to that technique and its familiarity will help you resolve the next nightmare faster. I have got it down to a system where a...
Not a purse, but a tote. A humongous one I can throw everything into. Love it. Got it for Christmas. DH bought it at a craft fair.
There was a house I was drawn to, and I still look at it every time we drive past -- with longing. It's a beautiful little house. There is a second house I am drawn to because my mother built it, and it was sold after she died. I would love to get it back someday.
I don't have any legal advice. I wish and pray that you have a very healthy pregnancy and recover well.
Wow. I am VERY surprised that people who eat Thanksgiving dinner early are the majority! I always thought that my MIL was crazy for wanting to eat it at 12:00 or 1:00 p.m. In my family, it was always at our usual dinner time -- 5/6. I've always found it hard to muster up an appetite that early in the day. Hmm. The more you know...
Quote: There's a difference between checking your christianity at the door and actively trying to convert or dismiss the parents views. Depends on the Christian. Some view it as very meaningful (and even necessary) to try and convert, or at least teach, others. Especially family. Especially especially children.
I feel so blessed and happy with my life. My family is safe and sound and sleeping right now. The fire is going and the house is warm. Life isn't perfect, and I could complain about some things (some of them major, even), but I bet there are at least one billion people on this planet who wish they were in my shoes.
Aqua can totally be incorporated into a Christmas look.
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