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I keep my towels and linens in an armoire/wardrobe/cabinet in the hallway across from the bathroom. Extra linens such as blankets for baby are kept in the room in which they will be used -- i.e., tea towels in kitchen; baby blankets in baby's room (although he sleeps in our bed).
The reason our Christmasses are more simple now is because my Mother passed away, and I'm now the one stuck with all the organizing and planning! It's hard work. And sometimes it's more stress than it's worth. I'm also more of an "experiences" versus "material objects" person -- I like experiences and memories of them more than gifts. So this year we plan on doing more family "experiences" and even less gifts than last year. I will NOT give up all the food though. Mmmm....
BC, Canada, and I've never had any issues. Lectures, sure; annoyance, definitely; but not any issues that would prevent me or my son from getting proper care.
We are overdue for a flu pandemic just like certain areas are overdue for a major earthquake (I live on a fault line) just like the earth is overdue for an asteroid hitting it . . . It doesn't hurt to practice emergency preparedness but sometimes it just sends people into panic mode instead of solution mode. I would be the type to be sent into panic mode. Things like these "drills" do not make me feel more confident and safe. Other people feel differently. It helps...
If it is possible, do as much work yourselves as you can (if you have the skill set and the tools). We saved tens of thousands of dollars that way. That doesn't answer your question What we did was stupid -- we put everything on our CC and then paid it off with a line of credit, and then just FINALLY paid that off recently. With a second mortgage. If we could do it again, we would have put it under an umbrella mortgage -- however, when we remodelled we had way less...
I, too, would be offended. If she views you as a friend, she should accept you as a friend -- which, to me, means accepting you AS YOU ARE. It would be like somebody asking me to dye my hair red, or lose weight, or do some other modification to my body. Um, no thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by lovingmommyhood OBVIOUSLY fake. :s:: I've been on the internet too long for things like this to seem "real" to me. Probably something my MIL will e-mail to me in shock, though.
I have two zeros in my phone number, and I say "zero" when I tell people my number.
Maybe it really is a jealous gf, and he's hiding the truth from you, because he doesn't want to offend you, in case one day you can be together again, and he can buy you a pony. Or a puppy. Maybe?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cx(mummy to be) Personally I probably would wear it. But only because it is so far from the truth - DP and I both know that, as does anyone who knows us - that it would just be rather funny. I would never wear it if it was being taken seriously! This is how I feel as well. It is so ridiculous that it would be amusing to me.
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