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Your nipples WILL change. Trust me on this -- I have been through the same scenario. It took me a lot longer than I would have liked for the pain to lessen, but looking back it is SO worth it. It really is. DS is 17 months now, and breastfeeding is a dream. So easy. So painless. 6 weeks is still so very new in the BF relationship. Keep trying. I know it's hard. Take it day by day. Take it moment by moment. Stare at her sweet, innocent face as she nurses and try to...
Her world must be very small to gossip like that.
Buy toiletries in bulk, if you can, when there is a sale. Try to be more selective in your toiletries. Do you REALLY need that type of shampoo? Do you really need that sort of toothbrush? Will it make a difference? What about hand soap? Can you buy that in bulk? Lotions?
The world needs more Barakas! And less creamed corn. *sigh* Update -- I do have a supply of feminine products now, so that I will not be running to the store the next time my Aunt visits. Just enough to get me by maybe a week!
Quote: Originally Posted by griffin2004 we've always used the standard Catholic version: Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. This is what we used to say. It is filled with the feeling of great memories for me. :
As a Christian, I believe it is an obligation to spread the Word. And I would feel very guilty removing it just because a mother became angry. To me, God > some mother's feelings about my choice of necklace! However, how would I feel if my son was told that a religious symbol, from a different religion, was symbolic of a god (that I did not believe in)? I would use it as an opportunity to teach my child about our religion (or whatever our family believed in)! I wouldn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad Well if you want to get technical, we get 'Christmas' commercials at around January. From a food company that you can order everything for Christmas dinner from. So far Christmas is still pretty invisible here... but I expect it's coming soon... On the first day of Christmas, Cosco sent to me One something turkey, two frozen pizzas and enough food to fill your pantry
Quote: Originally Posted by *Aimee* I did! And I was SO HAPPY! And when we went to starbucks after voting today, DS got a hot chocolate with peppermint and it was in a reigndeer cup!!! I love Christmas and this will be the first year DS can really understand. We're going to have SO MUCH FUN! This is how I feel too. No bah-humbugs here.
My Echo has the gas tank on the left. Are Toyotas domestic now? I'm not being snarky. I do not know where they are made.
Portland, San Francisco, Eugene, Vancouver (WA), Seattle. Hope you like rain, though.
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